The diverse landscapes of Malaysia magnetize the hearts of many globetrotters, compelling them to hunt for tickets on flights for an enthralling holiday experience. And for most, the fantastic imageries of Malaysia are best explored with enthralling road-trips.

For those who give in to the desire of boarding flights to Malaysia, the roads of the nation implore the soul to embark on an enriching journey. However, those wishing to indulge in the adventurous pursuit of a road-trip in Malaysia, and wish to witness the charms of both Peninsular and Eastern Malaysia, must chart out a route that covers the best of attractions the country has to offer. The list below includes one of the ideal ways to take a road trip in Malaysia to explore its myriad wonders.

Time to Hit the Road from the Colonial City of George Town, Penang

After having booked tickets and disembarking flights at the Penang International Airport, travellers may wish to head on to the Jelutong Expressway which winds its way to the interiors of the capital city of George Town in the state of Penang. George Town, with its honorary accomplishment of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, serves as an ideal starting point, both in terms of attractions and travel amenities. The city features some of the best remnants of the colonial era in the guise of architectural marvels like the Esplanade (the City Hall), the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, Fort Cornwallis and Queen Victoria Clock Tower. Once the hunger for city-hopping is satiated, travellers may wish to proceed to the next destination which is certain to offer a delightful contrast.

Cameron Highlands Offers Tickets to a Paradisiacal World

Chilly breezes, sprawling tea-gardens and endless patches of fruits and vegetables – the Cameron Highlands offer a unique picture of Malaysia, one that differs in its entirety from the sandy beaches that most people associate the nation with. All the money spent on flights, tickets, hotel rooms, etc., may seem well justified when compared to the wonders that one can see here. From the dazzling greenery of Mossy Forest, to the splendid beauty of the Parit Falls and the captivating blooms of Rafflesia (the largest flower in the world); Cameron Highlands has multiple offerings other than the coveted strawberry picking and organic farming. Before nature casts an eternal spell and leaves you spellbound forever, it’s imperative to head onwards to the next stop.

Dazzling Delights of Kuala Lumpur

After quenching the thirst for all-things-natural, travellers are bound to be delighted with the urban conveniences that Kuala Lumpur offers. Other than towering structures like the famous KL tower, the city is also speckled with many modernist attractions. One can witness the exhibits of the National Museum, get a hint of spirituality at the Masjid Negara or gorge on the exhaustive range of delicacies at the umpteen stalls of Chinatown. Being a major city, KL also has many spas and recreational facilities to engage visitors.

The Hue of Heritage at Malacca

Yet another UNESCO site, Malacca offers a refreshing welcome to the road-trippers who have regained their energies in KL and are all set to continue their explorations. Some must-include attractions of Malacca that feature on the itineraries of most travellers who board flights to Malaysia are the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple (the oldest Chinese temple in the country), the Christ Church (another colonial relic of the Dutch rule) and Porta de Santiago (a Portuguese fortification), amongst many other man-made marvels that the city takes pride in. Once the travellers feel that the worth of money invested on air tickets for flights to Malaysia has been gained back to its fullest possible extent in Peninsular Malaysia, it’s now time to traverse the watery terrains and head to Eastern Malaysia.

Beauty in Diversity is What Defines Sarawak

The lush foliage of the state of Sarawak appeases the hearts of many globetrotters who brave the Malaysian roads after enduring long flights from their respective departing grounds. Driving in the expressways of Sarawak is in itself a whole new experience as the state is known for its pristine and picturesque imageries. A plethora of national parks and forest reserves, a myriad of ethnicities and cultures and an array of culinary delights that emerge from the multiplicity of customs are what defines the aura of Sarawak.

The Trip Concludes with Beaches and Mountains of Sabah

The daredevils who, after netting their air tickets, embark on glorious road-trips in Malaysia are bound to find Sabah to be an ideal place to bring the enthralling journey to a close. The innumerous islands with gorgeous beaches, the teeming coral reefs that beseech divers and swimmers to take a plunge into the azure waters, the naturally blessed slopes of Mt. Kinabalu that encourage trekkers to put on their best shoes are only some of the indulgences that comprise of a blissfully gratifying end to a memorable road-trip in Malaysia.

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