Desert safari in Dubai is great fun! The interesting Arabian culture, loads of entertainment and of course, enthralling adventures are few of the prerogatives that set many on a quest for cheap flights and holiday deals for the emirate. Here is a quick guide on this grand outdoor excursion!

If spending a night in the middle of the desert, watching belly dance around a bonfire and savouring a delectable spread of Lebanese cuisine is your idea of a vacation, then you would surely love desert safari in Dubai! A heady concoction of fun, adventure, culture and cuisine; this fascinating outdoor excursion has become one of the most sought after tourist activities in Dubai and hence tempts scores of globetrotters to buy air tickets and land in the UAE. There are a plethora of companies that offer safari packages in Dubai for holidaymakers of all budgets. The only thing you need is a thorough research and an advance planning. Here is a quick guide for an enthralling safari experience in Dubai!

Determine Your Buying Criteria

Indeed, the foremost consideration for all those looking forward to take desert safari in Dubai is their needs and set budget. Determining your needs entails your group size, travel dates and kind of facilities you want during the trip. It also includes the mode of transportation as well as category of lodging facility you need for the holiday.

Remember, there are four common types of camps that are being offered by the tour agencies in Dubai – Shared Camps (with other companies), Large Private Camps, Small Private Camps and Private Set-ups.

As the name suggests, shared camps are mainly large camps where facilities are shared by guests who booked packages with different agencies. Designed for the budget travellers, such camps lack in privacy and freedom to do things as per one’s personal schedule.

Large Private Camps are arranged by a single company, but for a large group of guests, sometimes as large as of 500-600 people at a time. This is again a pocket-friendly option, but one major drawback of such camps is that guests may not avail personalised service. Small Private Camps, on the other hand, feature better facilities and service and hence make an ideal choice for couples, families as well as those netting tickets aboard Dubai flights to celebrate special occasions.

But for those seeking pure luxury and utmost Arabian hospitality, the Private Set-ups are the unbeatable choice! With private, comfy tents boasting luxurious amenities and a friendly staff to cater to your every need, such camps promise guests a superb experience, surely well worth the cost of flights and holiday deals for the destination. Itinerary and activities can be customised as per your own requirement.

Plan It in Advance

Contrary to the popular belief, a desert safari doesn’t just mean hiring a vehicle and hitting the barren deserts! There is a lot of planning involved and a thorough research is to be exercised before heading out. Apart from booking air tickets and a safari package, one needs to keep in mind a lot of things like – ‘When is the best time to go’, “How are the weather conditions”, “Who should I travel with”, and several other such issues. A referral from a reliable travel portal is always valuable. Check the honest reviews about the company you’re dealing with for your holiday in the emirate.

Dune Bashing or Simple Safari?

Dune Bashing: One of the best things about Dubai desert safari is that it offers something enthralling for all. If you’re an adventure junkie, try dune bashing – an exhilarating drive through high sand dunes spread abundantly across the Dubai desert. Blending both fun and thrill, the outdoor adventure can send shivers down one’s spine and hence is a booming tourist attraction among adventurists who spend on tickets to board flights bound for the UAE. Dune bashing in Dubai can be enjoyed in mornings and evenings.

Desert Safari: For culturally inclined tourists grabbing air tickets to visit this fascinating emirate in the UAE, desert safari packs in a tapestry of delights! Of course, watching the belly dance around the campfire and savouring a barbecue dinner in a traditional Bedouin ambience are two of the great prerogatives, offering one a peep into the rich Arabian culture and hospitality. Enjoy the unique experience of Sheesha smoking, a practice that goes back many centuries, where you can smoke like Arabian traders and sultans. You can also try a camel ride and enjoy spectacular views of the glittering sand.

Things to Carry

It is recommended to pack light and loose comfortable cloths. Males can wear shorts or cotton pants with t-shirts, while for females, jeans with t-shirt or top is a good option. While Dubai is one of the liberal emirates in the UAE, it is still traditional in terms of clothing at public places. So, it is best to dress conservatively. In terms of footwear, you’re suggested to carry a nice comfy pair of sandals rather than shoes which can get uncomfortable once the sand seeps inside. A camera with extra batteries, a comfortable hat, sun glasses and a multi-utility charger are other essentials.

Perhaps the most important thing that people, putting in money and effort to secure flights’ tickets for desert safari in Dubai, should carry is a good sense of adventure. Notice what it takes to withstand driving through the enormous sand dunes, and get to know the arid desert life! The safari is truly a way to get connected with and enjoy the amazing Arabian culture.

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