Azure waters, breathtaking coral reefs & abundance of underwater life – scuba diving is one of the best ways to explore everything from up close! Those who are buying tickets to Maldives for scuba diving are sure to be amazed with the experience.


Maldives – a paradise for scuba divers! Even the name of this island nation ends with ‘dives’! Holidaymakers who are booking tickets aboard flights to this place are sure to have one of their best holiday experiences. Scuba diving is indeed a prime sport here that compels a number of diving lovers to board flights to this jewel of the Indian Ocean. Those who are planning to dive for the very first time and are not sure about what to expect and what to do, here is a quick guide!

Know Maldives’ Diving Sites

A number of things define a perfect diving site. They are – visibility, the water condition, weather around and the richness of underwater life. Maldives has some really spectacular diving sites that are nothing less than perfect. North and South Male, Vaavu and Lhaviyani are some of the best locations to get started. Fotteyo Kandu at Vaavu Atoll is one of the most sought after diving spots among the travellers who block tickets on flights to Maldives from around the world in hope of enjoying a refreshing dive experience. Kuredu Express at Lhaviyani Atoll is another charmer. It boasts an abundance of marine life that can be explored by anyone who dives in. Some other noteworthy spots are Kandooma Thila (South Male Atoll), Okobe Thila (North Male Atoll) and Broken Rock (South Ari Atoll) and Kudarah Thila (South Ari Atoll).

Practice before the War!

Before deciding to explore the underwater treasures and measuring the depth of the real ocean, it is highly recommended to practice in a shallow area, possibly a pool. As the underwater feeling could be overwhelming for some, it is better to learn to stay underwater for sometime (in the shallow places) and adapt, it is also important to control the breathings and relax.

Health is above Everything

No matter how brilliant the itinerary looks and no matter how breathtaking is the diving spot, if you are feeling sick, it is very important to stop and think before you take the leap. If it is a sudden sickness that you are feeling, relax and dive another day. Instructors are very knowledgeable about the underwater life and atmosphere around; let them know how you feel before you start.

Listen To Your Instructor

It is very important that you adhere to what the instructor advises. They are experts and are trained to understand when to explore the marine life and when to stop. Listening to your instructor will not only make the whole experience pleasant but it will also ensure the safety.

Take it Easy

It is very normal to feel a bit uneasy or be afraid when you are diving for the first time. Face your fears and don’t give up on what you have always wanted to do. Try to relax and not think about what bad could happen. It is going to be great!

Do not Forget to Enjoy the Moment

Usually, when we dive for the first time, it is easy to exhaust ourselves with too much of mental focus on doing everything properly and forget why we are doing it in the first place – to have fun. While it is important to take care of few things, it is equally important to have fun. Explore the underwater life, watch the school of fish and the colourful reefs – enjoy!

Never Dive Alone

Tourists who are grabbing tickets to the Maldives to enjoy the scuba diving for the first time, it is highly recommended not to dive alone. It is important to have at least one more person with you who is a proficient diver.

Few Additional Things to Remember

  • Never hold your breath
  • It is recommended not to fly for 24 hours prior to diving
  • Over consumption of alcohol is a big no if you wish to dive

Best Time to Dive in Maldives

The best time for diving in the Maldivian waters is between January and April. A large number of diving enthusiasts book flights tickets to the country every year at this time to enjoy the breathtaking marine life of this island nation.  Make reservations for flights and hotel rooms early to score cheap deals.

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