Malaysia is known for its intriguing metropolitan streak; however its magnificence goes beyond this glittering facet and shine in form of unparalleled natural splendour at places like Cameron Highlands. Nature lovers spending pounds on tickets on Malaysia flights must visit this place.

A picture perfect view, vast green bed of tea plantations, mesmeric blue peaks, cascading waterfalls and above all, an endearing, quaint enchantment – welcome to Cameron Highlands! This extensive hill station adds novelty to the exotic charm of Malaysia. A holiday amidst this serene region is a lifetime opportunity to sit in the lap of invigorating nature and dive into the pool of thrill while trekking and hiking up the majestic hills. Travellers spending pounds on tickets for flights landing at Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, can reach here by bus and shuttle vans. They may rent a car to cover the further distance between these two regions in less than four hours and get into the captivating groove of Cameron Highlands while spending time at these sites.

Lata Kinjang
This is one of the tallest waterfalls in Malaysia and visible from North-South Highway. It becomes a hot property during weekends and public holidays. Families buying tickets to enjoy holidays in this part or Malaysia can indulge in various activities in the recreational park located below this waterfall.

Taman Negara National Park
Being the largest national park in Malaysia, this reserve remains the top priorities of many holidaymakers who invest on tickets aboard flights landing at Kuala Lumpur to spend a memorable time in Cameron Highlands. The park features wildlife observation hideouts, well-marked trails, sundry shops, few restaurants and various budget accommodation options. Wildlife enthusiasts can get sightings of tigers, elephants, tapirs and variety of fish species. Dearth of eco-activities at Taman Negara is not known. Camping, trekking, swimming and bird watching are some of the great activities that are known to set holidaymakers on a quest for flights to visit this hill station.

Tea Plantation
Cameron Highlands is Malaysia’s largest tea estates and enjoys immense popularity for its lush beauty. Vacationers’ visit to this heaven is incomplete without a trip to tea estates and factories. Boh and Bharat are two companies that own largest number of estates. Before boarding return flights, several travellers plan tea tours to collect a variety of teas as souvenirs.

Nature has blessed this hill station with an array of gardens. To justify the price of flights, plant lovers must consider spending some time at these gardens. Entry tickets are required for few gardens whereas others offer free access. Rose Centre is among the most preeminent ones. It opens from 0800 hrs to1800 hrs. Cactus Point is a notable nursery in the most extensive hill station of Malaysia. Take a stroll through this nursery to take a closer look at exotic species such as Geraniums, Tillandsia and Venus flytrap. A botanical show garden known as Cactus Valley is peppered with a large collection of ornamental plants, cacti and flowers. Butterfly Garden opens daily allowing visitors to find an array of butterflies and insects in their natural habitat. Families booking tickets onboard flights to the Malaysian capital contemplate on visiting this garden to educate their kids about various species of butterflies.

Gunung Irau and Gunung Brinchang are first and second highest mountains in Cameron Highlands respectively. Irau set hikers on a mad scramble for flights landing at Kuala Lampur to complete the task of hiking up this mountain. These adventure tours start from Mossy Forest and holidaymakers are sure to get fascinated by moss gardens, dainty orchids and pitcher plants. Despite being the second highest, Brinchang remains a top notch vantage point to admire the captivating beauty of Cameron Highlands.

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