A Perfect Slice of Arabia, Bur Dubai is one of the UAE’s most entrancing corners filled with historic attractions. No wonder, the place, an attraction in itself, tempts many to look for tickets aboard flights arriving in Dubai, UAE.


A treasure trove of multi million dollar projects, some of the biggest and tallest architectural wonders, man-made islands and much more – the glittering emirate of Dubai in the UAE is so full with attractions and activities that sightseers are often to be seen in a mad scramble for tickets aboard direct/indirect flights arriving here. But what makes this emirate so popular with culture vultures is the historic district called Bur Dubai, located on one side of the creek. Bur Dubai features an inundating list of attractions that promise to take visitors to a journey back in time. Whether you are in search of destination’s history, cultural heritages or the lively bustle of the souk, Bur Dubai will not disappoint you. Here’s a list of some of the popular attractions that add glittering stars to already soaring popularity of Bur Dubai.

Bastakiya Quaters

One of the must-visit for anyone interested in exploring the colourful past of Dubai, Bastakiya Quarters is an attraction not to be missed by anyone booking tickets aboard international flights to the destination. Once a settlement for Persian merchants, the area is known for its old-world charm and heritage buildings. With its narrow lanes and tall wind-towers, the historic colony of traditional courtyard houses with windtowers – Bastakiya Quarters offers a real slice of Old Dubai. The tall wind towers were not merely decorative but they made for the only means to cool houses in the days before electricity.

Al Fahidi Fort

Dubai’s oldest building; Al Fahidi Fort is one of the emirate’s premier attractions and attracts around 2,000 visitors per day. It is also home to the region’s most famous museum, Dubai Museum. Built in 1787, Al Fahidi Fort served as the erstwhile palace of the ruler of Dubai and the museum housed here throws light on the traditional way of life in Dubai through thought-provoking exhibits. Most visitors buying tickets on scheduled flights arriving in the destination make it a point to visit the museum to be taken back in pre-oil time and see the life in the desert of Dubai.

Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House

Restored as a thought-provoking museum, Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House is the place where Shaikh Saeed, the grandfather of the present ruler resided. Dating back to 1896, Sheikh Saeed’s House was built in a commanding position near the sea so the ruler could observe shipping activity from the balconies. Keen visitors on flights to the destination may visit Sheikh Saeed’s house as part of the Big Bus Company’s tour of Dubai. Those spending on admission tickets for Dubai Museum may explore Sheikh Saeed’s House as well.

Bayt Al-Wakeel

Located at the edge of Dubai Creek, near the abra landing, the Bayt Al-Wakeel is an example of early 20th Century architecture in Dubai. An erstwhile port of call for ships carrying cargo and passengers, Bayt Al-Wakeel was the first location for Dubai imports and exports. Dubbed as the first office building in Dubai, Bayt Al-Wakeel houses a maritime museum dedicated to the fishing and sailing traditions of the emirate. It is an absolutely not to be missed attraction for those buying tickets on international flights to the emirate for a slice of Old Arabia.

Grand Mosque

One of the largest mosques in the United Arab Emirates, Grand Mosque is at the heart of Dubai’s religious and cultural life. Visitors booking air tickets for holidays to the destination would be surprised to see that this superb mosque has the city’s tallest minaret and has 45 small domes in addition to nine large ones boasting stained glass panels, making it a distinguished landmark and important place of worship. Ranking alongside some of the world’s most photographed sites, Grand Mosque not only offers a cultural touch to one’s holidays but also inspires and enriches the visitors on flights to the city.

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