Glittering Dubai is an unmatched tourist destination with tourist lures ranging historic sites and mosques to modern day architectural marvels unlike any other in the world. Many of these lie along the Creek, visited by millions of visitors each year.


Present day Dubai may be a glittering gem among Arabian sands but its heart lies in the Creek which is one of the most revered destinations among foreign tourists who book air tickets for a holiday in the city. Having expanded on both sides of this busy waterway from ancient times, this teeming metropolis is chock-a-block with numerous holidaymakers’ hotspots that make this place a must visit for any traveller booking tickets on flights terminating at Dubai’s international airport. Following are the top rated visitor attractions of the city that are located along this scenic waterway.

Burj Al Arab

Located on a private man-made island just off the famed Jumeirah Beach, the Burj Al Arab or the tower of Arabs is an iconic building of Dubai that has been the talk of the city ever since it was on the drawing board. No wonder it has been one of the key points of attraction for scenic flights that operate in the area. This architectural marvel is shaped like the sail of the traditional dhow boat and is one of the tallest buildings in the world. The entry tickets to this attraction are definitely worth the monies because of the incredible view on offer.

Bastakiya Quarter

Located in Bur Dubai towards the southern end of this waterway, Bastakiya Quarter is comprised of the oldest buildings in the metropolis. Here visitors can take a walk along the narrow winding lanes with old houses on either side to experience first hand how this metropolis used to be long ago. A key attraction here are the wind towers that have naturally cooled these residential building since ancient times. Those booking air tickets to the emirate can look forward to a taste of the old days and give flights to their fancies of days long gone.

Grand Mosque and Dubai Museum

Both this top tourist destinations are located in the Bastakiya Quarter and entry tickets to these are in huge demand among foreign tourists. History buffs interested in expanding their knowledge of the region are sure to make a day trip to the museum which features a range of exhibits that document the progress of this ancient metropolis from a fishing village of sorts to a modern day playground for the rich and famous. The exhibits on display include weaponry, old manuscripts, maps and other documents that provide insight into various aspects of the Arab world ranging from family life to pearl trade. The Grand Mosque’s claim to fame includes its 45 small domes and the tallest minaret of the city. Those disembarking flights at the international airport of this emirate can ill afford to miss out on a visit to the mosque.

Abra Rides and Dhow Cruises

Abra are the water taxis of this city which connects people across the Creek. The ride aboard these boats allows one to appreciate the scenic beauty of this picturesque destination, which is probably the main reason why tickets to these services are in high demand among tourists from across the world. An extension of this experience is the dhow cruise which includes traditional cuisine served on board for dinner or lunch. Due to high demand for dinner cruises that operate along the Creek, they are best booked along with flights when planning a trip to this part of the Middle East. A related tourist haunt is the ancient wharf located in the northern part of the metropolis where these ancient vessels have anchored since the early 19th century.

Heritage House and Burj Nahar

Originally the residence of a wealthy pearl merchant in Dubai, the Heritage House in the northern end of the creek is a popular haunt among foreign tourists. Here travel weary holidaymakers disembarking flights can rest and enjoy delicious traditional snacks comprised of tea and chickpeas. The other leading attraction nearby is the Burj Nahar an old watch tower which was designed to protect the city of Dubai from attacks of brigands and hostile neighbours. The nearby areas are decorated with well maintained gardens and exotic surroundings that make it the perfect place to indulge in photography. A visit here is sure to leave travellers gloating about their decision to book air tickets to this leading tourist destination.

Souks in the Northern Dubai

The traditional shopping experience of Dubai is something that must not be missed if one is planning to visit this emirate by reserving tickets onboard international flights. These traditional markets known as souks abound in the northern section of the Creek and the goods available to tourists range from dates, nuts, dried fruits, cinnamon and incense to electronics and gold jewellery. The most prominent among these are the Diera Covered Souk, Gold Souk and Diera Spice Souk. Those seeking cheap deals and bargains for retail therapy after landing in Dubai aboard long haul flights must check these out.

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