Discover the artistic side of Dubai’s history by exploring the various museums and art galleries of this colourful destination. Dubai welcomes countless tourists everyday with utmost affection and friendliness. One can see the influence of the Arab culture in its museums, festivals, and music. True, the destination has been billed as a shopping paradise, but it also lures art and culture enthusiasts with its ancient and modern attractions.

Check out the top five museums and art galleries in Dubai.

Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum is an old building in the ‘Al Fahidi Fort’. The museum gives an insight into the urban and rural way of life, desert area as well as mountainous and agricultural life. Various drawings and diagrams along with audio and visual media shed some light on the grandeur of ancient monuments. There is also a specific wing, which showcases pottery, weapons, tombs, and urban buildings.

Antiques Museum

The Antiques Museum is run by the well known Fakih Group. A variety of souvenirs from different countries are available here such as Dubai, Africa, Indonesia, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey and Nepal. The Museum is spread across 4 warehouses from where you can buy Moroccan or Arabic lamps and decorative handicrafts for your home. It opens daily from 9:00am to 8:30pm.

JamJar Museum

JamJar is a contemporary art exhibition gallery for local as well as foreign talent. The motive behind establishing JamJar is to support and promote artists through its extensive arts programme, educational initiatives, and community projects. The studio and project space offers all year around exhibitions and events showcasing various art forms, film, music, and theatre. It is a great platform for all like-minded artists, writers and creators.

Third Line Art Gallery

The Third Line is the perfect place to see the city’s most beautiful contemporary Middle Eastern art. The gallery regularly exhibits international art fairs. The Third Line represents 30 artists, including Lamya Gargash and Ebtisam Abdulaziz. Recently, the gallery showcased Hassan Hajjaj’s third solo show in Dubai, La Salle de Gym des Femmes Arabes. The title means, the ‘Gym for Arab Women’. It is an extension of Hassan’s depiction of strong and spirited Arab women in his vision of Moroccan pop-culture.

Artspace Art Gallery

Opened in 2003, Artspace is one of a kind contemporary art gallery. The gallery stocks contemporary Middle Eastern art, especially for individuals who love to collect and buy art works and also for architects and interior designers. The gallery is located at the Gate Village Building no.3 and is open to the public from Sunday to Thursday between 10:00 am and 08:00 pm.

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