Booking tickets on flights for sojourning Sharjah is a full-proof way to discover some of the UAE’s best kept cultural wonders. Setting aside a day or two to explore the city’s heritage and art ensures maximum bangs on the bucks invested on monies spent on holiday deals!


Sharjah is honoured as the ‘Cultural Capital of the Arab’ by UNESCO. Famous for its intriguing arts and heritage as well as excellent souqs and museums, this multi-ethnic and multi lingual emirate is by all odds a ‘kaleidoscope of culture and heritage’! Quite naturally, hordes of culture-vultures from across the globe buy cheap tickets on flights to sojourn this historical gem of the UAE. Here is a glimpse of Sharjah, a place that dazzles more with its culture than anything else!

The Central Market or Blue Souq
Located on the Khaled Lagoon, the Central Market is a famous site in Sharjah with a cluster of over 600 shops selling everything from antique jewellery to precious artefacts. Besides an interesting way of trading, what enthrals the visitors is its unique Islamic design. It has two sections connected with tunnels. While the first division is dominated by goods, gifts and electronics shops, the other section is a hub of gold, gem and jewellery. Most overseas tourists who spend on air tickets aboard flights for relishing the ethnicity of Arabian markets of UAE pay a visit to this popular souq.

Museum of Islamic Civilization
People in this lively city of the UAE have a deep faith in Islam and there is no place better than the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization to comprehend that influence. Head to the ground floor to get acquainted with various different aspects of Islamic faith! Myriads galleries here depict various rituals and importance of the religion. Other rooms zero in on scientific accomplishments of the UAE, particularly in astronomy and mathematics. Those inclined to Islamic art and artefacts will find the upper floor well worth the cost of entry tickets as well as other holiday deals for the destination. An extensive collection of priceless manuscripts, ceramics, armour, woodwork and textiles in this section gives flights to the fancies of culture-vultures.

The Heritage Area
It is an enticing centre where Arabian art and crafts are showcased as well as encouraged. This region is thronged by almost every holidaymaker making tickets reservation on flights to peek into the city’s rich heritage. From traditional Souq Al-Asra to contemporary grocery outlets and interesting museums galore; there is such a diverse variety of cultural charms that one can easily spend an entire day exploring them all. The Sharjah Heritage Museum is a major crowd puller in the area, known for its unique collection of ancient artefacts.

Al Qasba and Eye of the Emirates
Featuring an array of cultural and leisure experiences, Al Qasba and Eye of the Emirates remains one of the most desirous tourist spots in not only Sharjah, but also the entire UAE. Swarms of holidaymakers who book tickets on flights for this cultural capital of the UAE visit this place to explore its architectural grandeurs and many fun activities. Delicious Arabian foods and fruitful shopping opportunities also leave indelible marks on visitor’s heart and mind. There is a beautiful mosque right by the canal. Moreover, tourists visiting here can enjoy a ferry ride around the city.

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