The holy month of Ramadan starts from 28th June and ends on 29th July 2014. International travellers who wish to enjoy the best of the festival must book tickets on flights to Dubai, the glorious emirate where the event is celebrated with great zeal. 

Not many holidaymakers plan a visit to Dubai during the holy month of Ramadan, but those who grab flights tickets throughout the season are assured of a wonderful holidaying experience. The extravagant festival of Ramadan is celebrated with utmost zest and excitement not only in Dubai but in the entire UAE. Throughout this month long festival, the Islam followers observe fast from dawn till sunset and observe important rituals like abstaining from smoking and alcohol. This year Ramadan will be celebrated with great devotion and sincerity from 28th June to 29th July 2014.

Although this is off season, international visitors disembarking Dubai flights can look forward for superb Iftar parties, matchless dining scene and satiating shopping experience. At the same time, visitors must not forget to maintain the decorum and solemnity of the region that remains the top priority during Ramadan. Here are some useful tips that travellers must pay heed while holidaying in Dubai or UAE in the holy month.

Dos and Don’ts

  • No matter, Dubai is quite moderate, tourists are advised to dress up appropriately and remain low in terms of make up to show respect to local rituals.
  • Do not indulge in eating or drinking publically. Violating the same can lead to punishment and imprisonment.
  • Most restaurants remain closed during fasting hours and alcohol is not available in the daytime, however, some restaurants may continue to function.
  • Visitors may also find food in hotel restaurants that provide room service and home delivery service.
  • Holidaymakers may be surprised to find the deserted streets as most business establishments close down in Ramadan festival or observe smaller working hours.
  • The evenings become much lively with celebratory aura and delicious foods being served at iftar parties.
  • Women travellers buying air tickets on Dubai flights are advised to dress conservatively and avoid flashy make up.
  • Many nightclubs are closed throughout Ramadan. The open ones are not allowed to play music or host dances.


It’s not just the Ramadan festival that pushes the sale of air tickets aboard flights arriving in Dubai but the beautiful attractions of the city play equally important role.  The emirate is best known for its perfect blend of traditional and the modern period which is depicted in its many architectural as well as modern wonders. Holidaymakers during their Dubai holidays can visit Dubai Museum that offers an incredible tour to the ancient fort and allow seeing antique artefacts of khanjars, musical instruments and clay relics. Some other options that can be included in their travel itinerary are Jumeirah Mosque, Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House and Wild Wadi Water Park for some fun activity.

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