Dubai is globally renowned for its architectural grandeurs, both of the modern day and yester years, and sets holidaymakers on a mad scramble for cheap air tickets on flights to arrive in the emirate. Here is a rundown of some most fascinating structures in the city.


Dubai, once a barren desert where only the Bedouins and their camels could survive, is today one of the richest and most glamorous cities on this earth. Huge manmade islands, soaring skyscrapers, fascinating monumental structures and legendry hotels; it has truly redefined the opulence like no other place. In fact, this emirate of dreams doesn’t quite fit into the Middle Eastern stereotypical ambience. But then it is a place like nowhere else.

Among the rare prerogatives of booking tickets on flights to jaunt the place, beholding its wondrous architectures offers perhaps the most memorable experience. Manifesting a melange of amazingly creative and awe-inspiring architecture, these bizarre structures seem as if the rulers of this emirate have had a penchant for making the grandiose, ambitious plans.

Burj Al Arab

One of the world’s tallest hotels, Burj Al Arab is allegedly the only seven-star hotel in the world and gives an extraordinary experience to its guests. From the moment the guests step into this gorgeous hotel, they feel hypnotised by its impeccable perfection and luxury. But even the ones who can’t afford the luxury come to wallow in the sheer might of this building which is undoubtedly one of the biggest enticements for tourists to rummage around the tickets aboard flights and holiday deals for the emirate. It stands 321m high in the Arabian Gulf and boasts an astonishing architecture design that mimics the sail of a ship.

Burj Khalifa

An unbeatable instance of high tech architecture, Burj Khalifa is a sure charmer for anyone who spends on flights tickets to arrive in Dubai. It is located in the heart of city and stands amazingly 828m tall. Surrounded by five star hotels, fabulous shopping destinations and an array of contemporary entertainment options, the building displays luxury at its best. Beholding the breathtaking views of Dubai from the observation deck at the 124th floor as well as admiring this grand structure from the ground is amongst the top activities for foreign visitors taking holidays to the city.

Bastakiya Quarter

If the soaring skyscrapers and contemporary delights reflect the modern Dubai, the Bastakiya Quarter is where the rich culture and traditions of the emirate are preserved. Noted among the oldest and the most potent heritage sites in the city, Bastakiya Quarter gives a completely unique experience to one and all. Historians and culture enthusiasts in droves from around the world are allured by the site into grabbing air tickets on flights to the city. Apart from the famous yellow stucco buildings with wind towers, visitors can catch sights of the distinct traditional houses, a grand mosque and the museum nearby. Exploring the magical aura seeping out of every corner of this heritage village is truly a sure fire way to immerse into an ocean of ecstasy and make the most of the monies spent on flights tickets for holidaying in Dubai.

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