People who are taking long-haul flights have been offered advice on how to keep comfortable on their journey.

People who are taking long journeys such as flights to Cape Town have been offered advice on how they can make their trip more comfortable.

Providing tips, Silver Travel suggested to people anticipating long trips soon that if they suffer from their ears popping on a flight, they should remember to have plenty of drinks or take sweets to suck.

Those who find they have dry skin due to the low humidity level on aircraft were advised to take a lip balm or moisturiser on the flight with them and to avoid beverages like tea, coffee and alcohol, as these can dehydrate the body even more.

Should all the sitting down on long-haul trips cause cramp, taking a walk every hour is advised to stretch out the legs.

“If you are able to reserve seats try to get an aisle seat or one near the emergency exits so that you can stretch out,” the travel advice group stated.

Those who have booked flights to Cape Town for later in the year could like to take in the Simon’s Town Penguin Festival, with is due to take place between October 13th and 16th 2011.

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