Sep 132017

Hurricane Harvey and more recently Hurricane Irma have wreaked havoc in the US. Thousands of people have suffered losses of life and property, and more are uncertain of their safety in face of two of the deadliest storms in the history. A general sense of confusion prevails, and one of the parties to get most affected is the travellers with « Continue Reading »

Jun 082017
Smart Packing Tips for a Safe and Happy Holiday

Any holiday brings with itself this the humongous task of packing. Haven’t we all been to several trips where we have not packed smartly and then ended up regretting it? The wrong things in the wrong bags, and not being able to prioritize what to take along and what to leave behind? Pack light We cannot stress enough on this! « Continue Reading »

Jul 252016
Useful Tips for Budget Travellers

Travel doesn’t need to burn a hole in your pocket every time you plan a vacation. A comfortable yet cost effective trip calls for nothing more than foresight, discretion and an ability to get out of your comfort zone. So, pack your bags for your next trip with the following budget-friendly tips in mind. Be Flexible in the Choice Of « Continue Reading »

Aug 152011

People who are taking long-haul flights have been offered advice on how to keep comfortable on their journey. People who are taking long journeys such as flights to Cape Town have been offered advice on how they can make their trip more comfortable. Providing tips, Silver Travel suggested to people anticipating long trips soon that if they suffer from their ears « Continue Reading »

Aug 182010

Doing research about the area they are heading to is essential for tourists taking cheap flights Holidaymakers should ensure they do as much research into local customs and culture as well as potential medical problems and other hazards before jetting off abroad, a travel expert has said – and this even applies to those heading to well known and ‘safe’ « Continue Reading »

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