It can be extremely annoying when you have a perfectly planned itinerary for your holiday but you can’t do the things you want to, because your health doesn’t agree to keep up.


Here are some basic but very important tips for the modern day traveller, which will ensure a safe and healthy trip!

  • One of the major temptations for travellers on a holiday is food. The new place that you are exploring will definitely have a number of interesting dishes that you will want to eat; but eating in moderation is really important. Also, some Asian cuisines can be really spicy, make sure you sample them before ordering big portions. What fun is a trip when you go down with stomach flu and have to sit in your hotel room for days on end?
  • The climate is going to get the best of you if you are not adequately prepared. Always check weather forecasts for the places you intend to travel to so that you can carry the right kind of clothes and shoes for the same. Though it sounds like the most obvious thing to do, frequent travellers often overlook it and end up suffering because of it.
  • A holiday is definitely the time for relaxing and indulgence, whether it’s with food, alcohol or any other guilty pleasures you may have. However, it is important that you know what your physical limits are and never let health take a backseat. Find time for exercise when you can and don’t go back home from a holiday with a beer belly!
  • The golden rule is to carry basic first aid and medicines when on a trip. This way, you can handle common medical issues such as slight cuts and bruises, stomach-ache and fevers, without having to run to a drug store all the time.
  • The whole point of a holiday is to break the monotony; however health routines should be adhered to. If you take regular medicines for an ailment, don’t forget to pack them and have them on time. Research shows that people come back from holidays with increased blood pressure and sugar levels due to simply forgetting to take their medicines on time. Set reminders on your phone, ask people around you to remind you, whatever you need to do, just don’t skip those meds!

Pack some snacks while travelling, this goes a long way when you are stuck in places where there’s no food around. Try and eat before you board your flights, because the journey and the subsequent jetlag might make things difficult for you later.

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