Dubai is among the most prolific winter sun holiday destinations, replete with activities like beach fun, cultural attractions and shopping. Read to know what all one should consider buying if visiting at the time of its mega retail fiesta, DSF.


Dubai, one of the most visited destinations in the Middle East, has numerous lures, which have led tourists from round the world to book tickets on international flights for a visit. Among many lures that this world class destination offers, the annual Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) is considered to be among the most unique activities on offer. Scheduled from the 2nd of January to the 2nd of February in 2014, visitors who reserve Dubai bound flights during the period can look forward to jaw-dropping discounts on a wide range of products. Following are the top choices to help make the most of the money spent on air tickets for attending this gala event.

Clothes and Textiles from Across the World
Fashion enthusiasts who buy tickets onboard flights that terminate in Dubai are sure to have a field day as this festival will have an assortment of products on offer ranging from the cheapest clothes to designer wear at throwaway prices. Not only can one get to choose from the wide selection being offered, from popular labels to local handlooms, this fiesta brings with it discounts that are offered by malls and souks alike. Some of the best places to go clothes shopping during this retail extravaganza include the Global Village and smaller retail outlets on both sides of the creek.

Cheap Gold Jewellery at the Gold Souk
In case a holidaymaker decides to go shopping for gold ornaments after disembarking flights in the emirate, the best place by far is the famed Gold Souk. DSF ensures amazing discounts on the most exquisite ornaments designed by master craftsmen from across the world. The purity of the gold offered at the destination ranges from 18 to 24 carat and the types of ornaments being offered include rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more. For those interested in the finer things of life, the DSF experience is sure to leave them gloating over their decision to book air tickets to this leading destination in the UAE. Other accessories such as watches that feature precious stones like rubies/diamonds are also stocked by some of leading jewellers and are offered at a discount.

Go Gaga Over the Latest Gadgets  
Electronics are one of the most commonly sought after commodities at the duty-free stores. During DSF, even such items can be picked up at bargain prices. Whether it is the mall or a much smaller store located in a souk, bargains are easy to come by on a range of electronics equipment ranging from plasma/LED televisions to the newest Apple products. Additionally, many of the leading establishments include a selection of DVDs/CDs or other digital storage media free with the purchase. Those who have tickets aboard flights landing in Dubai during the period can ill-afford to miss out on being part of this annual extravaganza.

Deals on Imported Shoes, Fragrances and Cosmetics
Imported items ranging from shoes to fragrances and cosmetics from across the world are easily available in this part of the world. But the DSF is a sure-shot way to ensure that one gets the best deals on such items. Those who reach Dubai on international flights can be sure they will get more than their money’s worth if they purchase imported cosmetics, fragrances and shoes when this mega sale is held. So travellers booking air tickets with leading carriers in search of some winter sun are sure to enjoy and benefit from the numerous items available as part of this annual extravaganza of retail products.

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