Known for its glitzy, glamorous and multihued personality, Dubai is a dream destination for all sorts of holidaymakers. Spendthrifts booking tickets on flights for visiting this part of the UAE will find the following activities invigorating ways to part with their cash.


Dubai is a land of superlatives, and its staggering wealth is on display through its many achievements in the fields of arts, culture, architecture and design. It is home to the largest man-made island, world’s only 7-star hotel and the tallest building ever constructed on the face of this earth. No wonder, the city captures imagination of spendthrifts from across the globe and sets them on a quest for tickets aboard flights for sojourning here.

Those who board flights to this leading metropolis of the UAE to burn some cash will surely return as a different personality. Here are five of the most enthralling excursions that Dubai has in store for extravagant travellers.

Get Doused in Seven-star Luxury at iconic Burj Al Arab: Shaped like a dhow in full sail, Burj Al Arab is one of the most popular hotels in the world and today symbolises this glittering emirate named Dubai. From the moment you step into this astonishing property, you will be hypnotised by its flawless perfection and second to none amenities. Although, it is actually a five-star hotel, the service rendered by its amicable staff is like nowhere else and gives it a unique status of ‘Seven-Star’ property. Then the stunning views of the Arabian gulf, world-class eateries (around ten) and soul-soothing ambience make the experience extraordinary and well worth the cost of flights tickets for holidays in the UAE.

Shop Till you drop at Dubai Mall: The glitzy Dubai Mall is perhaps the largest shopping enclave in the UAE and is a place that caters to the discerning shoppers with retail therapy at its best. It houses a plethora of international brands selling everything from fashionable apparel to home furnishings and from cosmetics to footwear. No wonder, it catches the fancy of all extravagant travellers booking tickets on flights for indulging in Dubai’s intriguing consumerist culture. In between the shopping extravaganza, tourists can relish a variety of delicacies at top-class eateries like Taco Bell and Al Habab Restaurant.

Relish with Sun, Sand and a Golf Course: Dubai, fondly dubbed as the Las Vegas of the United Arab Emirate, is where just about anything is possible, even a golf game on golden sands. Dubai Country Club’s Al Awir Golf Course is the oldest gold course in the metropolis and allows one to do so. Though tourists may need some time to get used to it, but the experience will truly be fascinating and leave them gloating over the decision of spending on air tickets aboard flights for holidays in this part of the UAE. It is indeed a not-to-miss excursion for golf enthusiasts who wish to sample the game as it was originally played in this desert land!

Mollycoddle Yourself at a luxurious Spa: Dubai is best known for its glamorous way of life, but there is no dearth of spas that can rejuvenate one’s soul and senses with ultimate therapies and treatments. A few of them serve nothing short of an indulgence and leave one craving for more. Assawan Spa at the Burj Al Arab is one such famous landmark in this glittering emirate of the UAE. Here, the guests who spend on themed packages after making tickets reservation on flights bound for Dubai will be taken to another world of relaxation and beauty. Besides, tourists seeking such soul-soothing experience can head to the One&Only Royal Mirage, Amara Spa at Banyan Tree Al Wadi or the Six Senses Spa at Zighy Bay.

Feel the Thrills of Dubai’s Dreamy Desert Hideaways: Dubai’s backyard is a panoptic expanse of deserts and is one of the reasons why tickets on flights for the emirate are so much sought after amongst globetrotters. An array of thrills, ranging from desert safari to hot-air balloon ride, is waiting to be explored here. To experience the intriguing belly dance as well as that silence and tranquillity of the Arabian Desert is also a sure fire to get rid of frantic chaos of the city and make the most of the money spent on tickets aboard flights for visiting this fascinating corner of the UAE.

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