A procession of monks could make a stunning and memorable sight for people travelling to Thailand.

People heading of flights to Bangkok could decide to make a visit to a town at the north of the city in order to witness an amazing procession of Buddhist monks.

Tak Bat Thewo Rohana Day takes place in Klong Nang Buat between October 13th to 14th 2011.

The event sees 227 monks coming down from their monastery on the Nang Buat mountain to be offered food by people.

As well as offering them things to eat, visitors will also provide the monks with money in order to maintain their home at the Khao Nang Buat temple.

Attendees also take part in a ceremony in front of the statue of Buddha, where offerings of money and other items are left and dedicated to the monks.

There are many varied events taking place in Thailand which could interest people of flights to Bangkok, such as the Buffalo Races which happen in the Chonburi region each October.

Written by Ruth Norris

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