With an abundance of natural charms, vibrant culture and myriad pulsating adventures, Ko Samui sets hordes of holidaymakers on a quest for cheap air tickets on flights arriving here. Read on to know about top lures waiting to be discovered at this heavenly corner of Thailand.

A true epitome of fun under the sun, Koh Samui features a tantalising composition of lively beaches, lavish resorts and lush green jungles. Scattered along the gulf coast in Thailand, the tropical paradise always casts a hypnotic spell on visitors. Many spend on tickets aboard Ko Samui flights for relaxing and unwinding at its tranquil beaches, where golden sand, turquoise waters and swaying palms create a fantabulous amalgamation that comes as a mesmeric treat for eyes and senses. Those feeling a tad adventurous are not left disappointed either, as a plethora of exciting excursions including swimming, surfing and scuba diving keep one engaged and entertained whole day. Scrumptious food and pleasant weather just add to the list of delights one avail after boarding flights to sojourn this archipelago.

Fun and Frolic at Chaweng Beach
The longest and perhaps the most beautiful beach at Ko Samui, Chaweng Beach is a dream come true destination for all sorts of vacationers, be it honeymooners, beach bummers or family vacationers. Beside its picture-perfect scenery, what leaves visitors becharmed here is a plethora of contemporary delights. Indulge in pampering spa session, relish a raucous nightlife or satiate your taste buds with an array of tantalizing dishes. A trip to this heavenly corner in Thailand is a sure-fire way to dip into an ocean of ecstasy and make the most of the money spent on flights tickets for holidaying here.

Ang Thong National Marine Park
A place of surreal natural charms, this fascinating park came in limelight when it was displayed in the famous Hollywood movie ‘The Beach’. Made up of around 40 small isles featuring sandy beaches, tranquil lagoons, dense green vegetation and stunning limestone cliffs, Ang Thong National Marine Park is nothing short of a natural paradise and temps keen travellers to book tickets on flights bound for Thailand. Enchanting marine life and numerous species of birds also keep naturists pouring into this place all year-round. This archipelago boasts many exciting excursions including forest trailing, scuba diving and bird watching for those who are inclined towards adventure.

Dining on the Rocks
A romantic dinner under the stars, great service and of course the breathtaking views of sea – this signature restaurant in Ko Samui are equally popular as beaches and night parties. The eatery is, in fact, a part of Six Sense Samui Resort and offers an over-the-top dining experience, well worth the cost of flights and holiday deals for the destination. Varieties of dishes and sapid flavours will give your taste buds a unique experience. Tables are laid on nine wooden decks with uninterrupted views of the surrounding islands. The inventive menu includes freshly prepared delicacies, both from Thailand and overseas, along with plenty of choices in beverages. Newlyweds making tickets reservation on flights for honeymooning in Ko Samui should give it a try.

Exploring Ethereal Natural Charms
With captivating waterfalls and untamed wilderness scattered across the island, those seeking a serene escape to the lap of nature will love Koh Samui as much as the fun aficionados. With height around 30m, Nam Tok Na Muang is the island’s tallest waterfall and perhaps the most secluded as well. Shimmering waters cascade over beautiful purple rocks and pile up, at the base, for a large pool for swimming. This is indeed a must visit for all those who spend on air tickets aboard flights to enjoy pleasant holidays at this second largest island in Thailand. Na Muang 2 and Nam Tok Wang Saotong are two other charming waterfalls located in vicinity. Visiting these natural splendours is truly a euphoric experience.

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