Thousands are often found scrambling for tickets on flights for holidays to Thailand. But many who remain heedless of things to avoid in the country end up ruining their otherwise pleasant vacations. Read for some info on things to avoid in the nation.


The Land of Smiles, Thailand is one of the world’s most popular holiday hotpots, such that a large number of holidaymakers, including a fair share of Britons, are often seen in a lookout for tickets aboard Thailand bound flights for holidays. Also the local traditions, customs, laws and regulations of the country are absolutely in contrast to what most westerners are accustomed to. Though Thailand has a permissive culture and natives don’t get edgy generally, those westerners who do not heed tips on things to avoid when on holidays to the destination often end up running their other pleasant vacations into rough weathers. It makes sense to get well acquainted to vital tips and advices on things to abstain from when booking tickets on flights for vacations to Thailand. This article discusses top ten things to avoid when on holidays to Thailand.

1 – Disrespecting royals
Thais are extremely respectful and loving towards their King. It’s not only considered impolite, but also a crime to disparage the King, the royal family or any institution of the monarchy. Also avoid vandalising, damaging or destroying any images, monuments or statues of the King or Royal Family, it may lead to imprisonment. If you plan to book air tickets on flights arriving in Thailand, never undervalue the significance of the King and Royal Family to the natives of Thailand.

2 – Getting scammed
Even though many guidebooks clearly state incidences of scams in Thailand, many travellers on flights for holidays to Thailand still fall prey to a scam or two. Though most travel experts believe that most scams occur in the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok, other destinations in the nation are not completely devoid of persistent touts and scammers who are no strangers to odd trick or two and are aid to some of Thailand’s infamous scams which has ruined holidays of numerous visitors.

3 – Pointing feet
Thailand is predominantly a Buddhist nation and according to Buddhism feet is considered to be the unclean part of the body. And pointing toes or the bottom of the feet to people, places and things is not considered polite in Thailand. Also it is disrespectful and utterly unacceptable to face one’s feet towards temples, images of Buddha or monks. Travellers buying tickets on flights arriving in Thailand must also refrain from bearing the soles of feet towards a monastery, use feet to shut the doors or climb up a statuette of religious significance.

4 – Touching head
Like feet is considered is the impurest part of the body, head is considered to be the most revered body part. Visitors on flights to the nation must keep away from touching one’s head, unless in a close relationship. Those touching or putting things over people’s heads are often treated with disdain and frowned upon.

5 – Touching a monk
Monks enjoy a revered status in the culture of Thailand and are forbidden to touch women. Only men are allowed to be in contact with monks. But it is important for those buying air tickets for holidays to Thailand to try and keep a respectful distance from the monks while conversing with them. It is important not to stand over or be positioned higher than, a monk in Thailand.

6 – Whistling after dark
Thailand that takes its folklores rather seriously and visitors on direct/indirect flights to the nation must remain respectful towards local traditions and cultures. It’s a local belief that whistling at night makes for a bad omen and calls bad spirits. It makes sense for the travellers investing on air tickets to the country to ignore whistling after dark as it makes most Thais uncomfortable.

7 – Fondling in public
Being overly amorous in public is absolutely uncalled for in Thai Culture. Kissing and cuddling in public is considered to be an offensive gesture. Tourists on flights to the country must refrain from getting overly amorous in public. Though Thais would even avoid holding hands in public, it is okay for honeymooners and newlyweds buying air tickets for holidays to the nation to hold hands and sneak a little peck.

8 – Getting angry
Yelling, shouting or loosing temper may bring in lose of face for visitors booking air tickets for holidays to Thailand. Thais are soft-spoken and quite welcoming and it makes sense to repay them back in the same coin. Visitors must remain calm and polite when negotiating prices in the local markets and keep the voice down in stores and restaurants.

9 – Dressing Inappropriately
Thailand is a relatively conservative and visitors on flights to the country must remain modest in terms of dressing. Women travellers booking air tickets for Thai vacations must avoid wearing clothes exposing their shoulders, cleavage and knees. Beachwear should only be worn when spending time at the beaches and one must keep away from topless sunbathing.

10 – Drunk driving and jaywalking
Incidents of road accidents are not uncommon in Thailand and it is best to respect the traffic rules. Travellers buying air tickets on flights to the country must refrain from drunken driving. Cases of drunken driving cases may call for severe penalties, besides; it is dangerous. One must stay away from Jaywalking and remain extra cautious when crossing roads as drivers often ignore pedestrian crossings.

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