Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia, Las Pozas in Mexico and the Gingerbread Houses of Haiti have all been highlighted as potentially being under threat by one organisation.

The World Monument Fund, a non-profit body, has outlined some of the world’s most endangered monuments, explaining why they may be under threat in the future.

According to the group, Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia could be damaged if plans to construct an underground rail network are executed.

The Gingerbread Houses of Haiti, the Peruvian complex Machu Picchu and the wooden Machiya Townhouses of Kyoto were also identified as particularly vulnerable to any change occurring in the environment around them.

President of the fund Bonnie Burnham said: “The 2010 Watch make it clear that cultural-heritage efforts in the 21st century must recognise the critical importance of sustainable stewardship.”

Perhaps surprisingly, Dudley Zoo also made the list.

Another monument that is currently subject to hot debate is Australia’s Uluru, as those booking flights to Sydney may have noted.

Consultations are currently taking place to decide whether visitors should be allowed to climb it in future.

Written by Alex Cochrane

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