While Maldives is a friendly country to book flights’ tickets for and mishaps are rare here, there are few things that every traveller should know. Not only do these small things make the travel more enjoyable, they also help prevent any unpleasant experience.

With some of the most exquisite sandy beaches, incredible underwater life and gorgeous resorts, Maldives sits among the top destinations people book flights tickets for to enjoy a perfect beach holiday. Each island here is beautiful and packed with attractions. Though people here are warm-hearted and there are not many issues to be encountered, it is advisable to give a quick glance to some of the important things that might save you any kind of uncomfortable or unpleasant experience in Maldives.

A Brief about the Country

An independent country in Asia, Maldives is an archipelago that offers some of the best holidays in the world. A large number of travellers book tickets on flights to this island nation every year to explore the unrivalled attractions. Take a tour to the Alimatha Island, explore the underwater life at Manta Point or admire the architecture at Grand Friday Mosque – there is so much to see that one vacation might seem too less to see it all.

Best time to go

Maldives witnesses two major seasons – Dry (December to March) and Wet (May to November). Best time to visit this island nation totally depends on an individual’s preference. Those who wish to soak some sun and do not mind a slightly humid weather should book their flights tickets between December and April. As these months are peak season for beach lovers, it is advisable to book your resort in advance. Snorkel lovers or those, who prefer mild sunny days and do not mind rain, should head to Maldives anytime between May and November. It is important to know that August is, again a peak tourist time.

Visa Requirements

No matter where you are coming from, all tourists are granted a free 30 days visa upon arrival. You do not need to have a visa to touch the soil of Maldives but you do need to have a valid passport.

Choosing an Accommodation

Maldives has about 106 resort islands and every single resort has its own territory, its own private island. If you book a resort, it will be the only resort whose facilities and amenities you will have access to. Whether you wish to have a luxury, king-like stay or you are travelling on budget, there are all kinds of resorts available. Maldives also has guesthouses on five inhabited islands for budget travellers. The guesthouses are perfect for those who wish to explore more about the local culture.

Which Currency to Carry?

Plastic! And few pounds to tip the barman and the waiter. Maldives’ local currency might be Rufiyaa but as you will be paying all the major expenses with your debit/credit card, plastic money will suffice. However, for the petty expenses (like tipping), pounds are also accepted at most places.

Important Tips to Heed

  • It is very important that you respect the local culture and dress modestly. For women, you can certainly wear anything you like, as long as that ‘anything’ is not too revealing. Going topless is a big no here.
  • Thefts are very rare here but like any other place, it is advisable to lock the rooms, keep the valuables in safe and not flaunt that expensive gadget you have.
  • When snorkelling, always wear those fins. If you are a first time diver, it is strongly advised not to go too deep or too far. Do wear a whistle to attract attention in case of emergency.

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