Maldives is one of the most popular tropical holiday destinations in Asia. The island country boasts of many untouched islands with pristine white beaches. Hanging out on the beaches and sampling delectable cuisine aren’t the only activities to keep travellers busy though! The amazing variety of water sports offered here is another of the top lures. Take a look.


Jet Skiing and Kayaking

Jet Skiing and kayaking are two popular water sports that travellers to Maldives love to engage in. Roaring across the waters on motorbikes leaving behind a long trail of foam is fun. The more adventurous lots like to kayak. However, kayaking requires some level of skill.

Parasailing and Surfing

The wild Maldivian waters are perfect for parasailing and many resorts offer excellent facilities for the sport. Soaring above the waves seems so easy with the correct assistance and facilities! As for surfing, the Maldivian waters are popular for extreme surfing and several excellent surfing areas dot the atolls. The Malé Atoll is a great place for surfing between the months of April and October.

Fishing and Flyboarding

Enjoy the thrills of game fishing in the three main fishing areas along the coast of Maldives. You can fish in the reef waters to catch tuna; the intra-atoll basin for frigate mackerel, sail fish, and seer fish; and near the shore to catch skip jacket tuna. The adventure lovers can try flyboarding; somewhat of an extreme sport. Shoot up high into the air and literally fly above the waters to experience the thrills of flyboarding!

Underwater Scooters

An exciting and novel way to get a glimpse of the pristine and crystal clear under-water life of Maldives is to go riding on underwater scooters. It is an amazing and thrilling water-based activity for non-divers and non-swimmers. The underwater scooters have a self-contained breathing environment, which ensures that one enjoys a comfortable ride observing the vibrant underwater life at depths of 5m under the sea. Riders can operate it like a conventional land motor scooter.

Canoeing and Catamaran Sailing

Travellers can hire canoes to enjoy paddling around a lagoon or simply relax in their mini catamarans to enjoy stunning views of the sea and the seashore. There are qualified instructors and escorts at the water sports centre to help you engage in these activities. Canoeing and catamaran sailing are among the two most popular water sports activities here.

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