The last day of October every year is a special day in the USA due to the numerous parties, eerie activities and creepy costumes on offer to locals and tourists alike. Read on to know the top five Halloween party destinations for USA visitors.


The 31st of October or Halloween’s Day is a national holiday in USA and those booking tickets on flights to the country can look forward to numerous bashes based on a range of horrifying themes. Though children and adults across the country are sure to be found tricking and treating to their heart’s content well into the night and with a party in every neighbourhood, few select destinations are truly a class apart. Following are our picks of the top five Halloween party destinations in the nation for those planning to reserve tickets on flights arriving in the USA during this American holiday.

Salem, Massachusetts

Salem achieved notoriety in the 17th century for its witch hunts, but present day Salem is party central on Halloween. Organized by the present “witch elders” of this historic site, this fest, often dubbed as the “Festival of the Dead”, is sure to be an enjoyable experience for travellers disembarking flights in this part of the country. Key popular features of this bash include gothic dancing and music, voodoo ceremonies and necromancy classes. Getting tickets or passes to these as well as other events is sure to spook travellers and simultaneously keep them entertained by providing many interesting experiences.

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Sin City has often been considered a paradise for international travellers interested in trying their luck after reserving tickets on flights destined for the USA. In the final hours of October, this city takes to partying with a frenzy that has no equal in the country. Globetrotters planning a visit to Las Vegas for a first hand experience must ensure that they have their costumes ready because there’s a fine for people turning up at the event without being dressed appropriately. There’s also a prize for best costume and numerous Vegas-styled shows to match on offer, but tickets to these events tend to vanish faster than greased lightning. Not without reason, this fest has been ranked as one of the “Top Ten Global Events in the World” by Travel Channel.

New York City, New York

The Big Apple has always been a focal point for foreign tourists visiting the USA aboard long haul flights. On the spookiest night of the year, New York is among the hottest party destinations of the USA with The Village as the epicentre of the city’s most popular celebration. Home of the annual Halloween Parade, this event is a visual treat unlike few others with almost fifty odd bands belting out tunes to dancing puppets, parade participants and wild floats. For those planning to book air tickets for the experience of a lifetime, the Ministry of Silly Walks’ Cakewalk is a must attend for a well rounded and unique experience of this event.

Los Angeles, California

The home of Hollywood is often “accused” of going overboard during celebratory events and the spookiest night of the year is no different. Origins of the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval might lie in the lesbian and gay community, but in the present day, it grips people of every orientation and every walk of life like an annual fever. Those disembarking flights in Los Angeles on the day would definitely enjoy a walk down the Santa Monica Boulevard to get a closer look at some of the most creative and funny costumes every created. One an average, about half a million people attend this annual extravaganza hence netting tickets to reach the city might be tricky. The event includes a live show held during this parade, which features some of the leading performers of the USA and is sure to give flights to the fancies of music lovers.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Though more famous for its exceptional Mardi Gras celebrations, Halloween in October is another reason why globetrotters book international flights landing in this US city. The New Orleans festival is spread over a four day period that includes various events, the proceeds of which are donated to charity. The most prominent events held during this time are the Monster Brawl, Lazarus Black Tie Ball and a costume parade featuring a cash prize. A visit to this destination is sure to leave enthusiasts gloating about their decision to reserve air tickets to this US city to participate in various festivities held on the spookiest night of the year.

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