The capital city of the USA, Washington DC is a leading tourist destination among those seeking to discover and understand the culture as well as history of this amazing country. Following are the best places to ensure better understanding of USA.


Washington DC, a metropolis famed as the seat of power of the USA and its numerous architectural marvels such as the Washington Memorial, Capitol Building and the White House Oval Office. However for history buffs from across the world, this city holds special significance because of the sheer number of historic exhibits that are on display at its numerous museums. Following are the favourites among travellers booking tickets onboard flights that terminate in the USA.

The Smithsonian
The Smithsonian Institute is dedicated to promoting knowledge among the people of the world and its exhibits number in millions. This organization comprises of numerous museums and research centres housed at various locations across USA including Washington DC. It was envisaged in the mid 19th Century and since that time exhibits have steadily increased, which has led to this institution being nicknamed as “the attic of the country”. One of the most popular attractions is the Air and Space exhibit that displays the history of terrestrial and space flights over the years. Apart from the in house collections, this organization also has many affiliates who display travelling collections of the Smithsonian at various places not just in the USA but also globally. Interested travellers should note that different archives/exhibitions may require the purchase of separate entry tickets. Tourists who reserve tickets on long haul flights terminating in the city can ill afford to miss out on an opportunity to visit.

Spy Games Central
Officially known as the International Spy Museum this is dedicated to the real life brethren of James Bond even though their license to kill may be in dispute. The exhibition was opened to public in the year 2002 and since then thousands have visited what has been billed as the single largest collection of tradecraft artefacts in the world. The popularity of this privately held collection has led to increased space requirements and culminating in its relocation to a larger space being announced in the latter part of 2013. Holidaymakers should make a point to drop in and visit the next time they disembark flights in the country. The price of entry tickets to this one-of-a-kind exhibition is quite cheap and visitors are sure to be left gloating about their decision to make a day trip to this museum.

History of American Indians
The European colonists might outnumber the present day American Indian population but it cannot be denied that the original inhabitants of this land had a thriving culture that was centuries old. The National Museum of the American Indian is a Smithsonian initiative to help others understand the rich culture of the USA both before and after the arrival of the Europeans. The range of exhibits includes photographs, old maps as well as ancient artefacts including funerary and sacred objects. No Briton buying tickets on flights destined for this metropolis should miss out on an opportunity to examine Native American artefacts up close.

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