When it comes to experiencing oriental delights in the western world, there is nothing better than gorging on Indian delicacies in Chicago, USA. The flavoursome dishes do a lot more than just satisfying the taste buds of those booking flights tickets to the city.

The superpower of the world, the United States of America, is inhabited by people originating from various parts of the world. Quite naturally, there are certain elements which contribute in reinforcing a harmonious bond between the diverse groups of natives and visitors. One such element that traverses all boundaries is the love for food, which, like music, is universal.

The USA has an exhaustive range of options when it comes to culinary delights. Amongst others, Indian cuisine is much favoured by the Americans and the tourists who scramble to book tickets on flights for this land of opportunities. There is a plethora of Indian restaurants in some of the major cities of the USA, including Chicago, where one can get an authentic taste of the flavoursome cuisine. Travellers who are investing on flights tickets to enjoy the culinary extravaganza in Chicago can check them out.


Rangoli is a coveted Indian restaurant in the W North Avenue of Chicago. The elegant decoration of the place complements the aura of the east in an impeccable way. The menu comprises of both the basic and the royal delicacies which transport the westerners to an exotic land of spices and flavours. The choicest dishes on the menu comprises of Biryani, Lamb Dishes and Seafood Dishes.

Tandoor Char House

The Tandoor Char House is situated in Lincoln Park. This fine dining eatery portrays the love for food that the owner and his family nurture. It is also one of the few places which serve “halal” meat, thereby catering to the needs of the religiously conscious people buying flights’ tickets and landing at here. The menu has an extensive list of cuisines, which comprises mostly of North-Indian and Mughlai dishes. Some top favourites are Tandoor Mix Grill Platter, T-Bone Steak, Chicken Fajitas, Kafta Kabob, Lamb Karhai and Mango Cheesecake.

India House

This restaurant has won many accolades for propagating the culture of healthy eating habits without robbing the Indian dishes of their flavours and taste. India House has one of its joints in Downtown Chicago which is very famous for its in-house dining and catering services. The restaurant takes pride in featuring a diverse array of Indian cuisine on its menu thereby symbolising the culture of the country that inspires it. The elaborate menu comprises of Mughlai cuisine, Street Foods of Bombay, Tandoor Dishes, Hyderabadi dishes, a wide variety of curried dishes, seafood and lamb dishes. India House is frequented by a multitude of people who crave for a guilt-free indulgence in Chicago after having gone through the boring fare served on flights!

Jaipur Restaurant

The Jaipur Restaurant, named after the famous city of Jaipur, is located in the West Randolph Street of Chicago. The quaint and elegant restaurant is a favoured place for people who wish to experience an exquisite variety of Indian cuisine once they have disembarked flights in the USA. Though the cuisines which are typical of the Indian culinary heritage predominates the menu, like Tandoori, Mughlai and Curries, there are also some unique dishes like Amchur Machchi and Jaipur’s Organic Salad that adds the touch of variance in it.

The popularity of Indian delicacies in the USA reflects on the multitude of restaurants that have sprung up in the streets of one of its most significant cities, Chicago. Even tourists won’t mind digging their teeth in these delicacies after buying flights tickets to American city.

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