Apart from its natural spectacles and glittering metropolises, the USA overwhelms its visiting patrons with an array of unusual accommodations. Here are five of the most offbeat hotels that allure many to buy tickets on flights for sojourning the country.

This world bristles with wonders, some natural and some man-made. One of the world’s most naturally and culturally diverse countries, the USA too has its share of wonderments. Here is a look at some most unusual hotels in the country that look like they were drawn off from the storybooks. Ranging from amazingly exotic to the distinctively American, the following five properties definitely do more than merely accommodate.

Beckham Creek Cave Lodge, Arkansas

There is always something magnetic about caves, and Beckham Creek Cave Lodge is surely not an exception. Built like a house, using natural materials, the hotel has five bedrooms, a recreation room and a well equipped kitchen. But what will leave you really impressed is the very natural feel the property exudes, with walls of rock and a natural waterfall in the centre of main room. Truly, accommodation in the lodge is memorable and well worth the cost of air tickets on flights to sojourn this part of the USA.

Aurora Express Bed & Breakfast, Fairbank, Alaska

If the thought of sleeping in a train excites you, then you should definitely pay a visit to Aurora Express Bed & Breakfast. Built of age-old train coaches, the place is a sight to behold! Each of the carriages has been refurbished beautifully, though remains original enough to conjure up authentic feel. The names of the buggies also address Alaskan history, alluring more to stay here after disembarking their flights in Alaska. Facilities served in this unique property range from Wi-Fi internet to delightful dining, promising guests the maximum bang for their money spent on air tickets and holiday deals.

Turpentine Creek, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

It seems that some hoteliers in the USA have a great liking for the big cats. One more addition to the list is the Turpentine Creek, Eureka Springs that offers the guests a stay around the cats – tigers, lions, leopards and the odd bear that were rescued in the region. The property boasts safari-themed rooms adjacent to a zoo. Apart from a range of modern amenities in the pristine serene surroundings, guests are treated to the sounds of ‘animals’ roaring’. Hordes of nature-lovers netting tickets on flights for taking holidays in Arkansas choose to stay here.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Key Largo, Florida

Imagine your stay with marine creatures – sleeping with fishes, waking up 6.4 meters underwater with ocean’s murmurs and dining like Captain Nemo! Isn’t it invigorating? If yes, then you can’t go wrong by staying at Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida.There is a mind-boggling collection of corals that can be explored by an easy-to-do scuba-diving session. Indeed, experience at the property is once in lifetime and lives up to every penny invested on tickets to board the USA bound flights.

Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo California

This amazing hotel has around 110 rooms and each one is decorated astoundingly as per certain themes and motifs. The coy faux-Swiss Alps exterior is contrast to the design and décor it dons inside. From flaky urinals to flooring that seems it could easily cause encephalopathy and en-suite rock showers, it is really more than an halt, offering a goofy explosion for the eyes. Some rooms feature coffin-shaped coffee tables, moveable beds and exciting wallpapers and lurid murals, promising an overwhelming feel to guests who choose to accommodate here during holidays in this part of USA!

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