New York is often referred to as the ‘city that never sleeps’. It’s the medley of numerous indulgences and seemingly unfathomable possibilities which defines the culture of New York and encourages tourists to book flights to the USA all round the year.

Honoured as one of the most developed cities of the world, New York lives up to its stature by offering more than what one expects to find. Hordes of tourists book flights to this city every year in the quest of an authentic American experience. This is the metropolis where one can find the best of everything- from awe-inspiring architecture to delectable culinary delights. Tourists disembarking their flights in this magnetic city are in for a treat when it comes to not just seeing things, but living them in their entirety.

In order to experience the true colours of New York, one needs to look beyond the mainstream and dive into the contemporary. A plethora of sights and activities that can be found in the city ensures that the tourists enjoy not a satisfactory, but an exhilarating holiday for all the money they spend on their tickets to New York.

Sights to Behold

New York houses some of the most important institutions, the beauty of which compliments their significance of being. The Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, The Brooklyn Bridge and the World Trade Centre site are some of the places which always make it to the itineraries of all travellers. The metropolis receives its fair share of adulation for being the pioneer of modern architecture, especially the coveted American sky-scrappers, and still lives up to its glory with its immaculately maintained urban wonders.

Cuisines to Explore

New York is also a desirable destination for foodies who buy tickets to the USA to dive into a deliciously diverse world of cuisines. New York houses some of the best restaurants in the world which cater to a global clientele with delicacies from all parts of the world. Gourmands vouch for the uniquely redefined pizzas at Rubirosa, the mouth-watering bagels at Murray’s Bagels, the sensational cupcakes at Magnolia and the hearty steaks at Sparks. Apart from these, there is a whole universe comprising of hot-dogs, fries, dim sums, puddings and pies that can delight any and every epicurean soul.

Shopper’s Paradise

It is quite impossible for visitors to buy tickets on flights to New York and refrain from splurging once they get to witness what the metropolis has to offer. This fashionable city of the USA houses some phenomenal markets and outlets which attract an impressive number of shoppers. From Bloomingdales to Macy’s, from SoHo to Chinatown- shoppers never have any qualms when it comes to striking a balance between the luxuriously expensive and their affordable, but equally stylish, counterparts.

The city of New York represents the harmonious union of the sublime and the surreal and creates an aura of its own which many travellers simply cannot afford to miss after having invested on air tickets and hotels.

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