Lakes in Canada

Canada is famed across the world for its raw natural beauty. Besides its lofty mountains, verdant valleys, and dense woodlands, the destination also boasts lots of beautiful lakes. The scenic locales of these lakes make them all the more captivating. Read on to know about a few lakes in Canada that will leave you spellbound.

Lake Louise

Situated in the Banff National Park in Alberta, Lake Louise is a glittering blue lake amidst snow-covered peaks and dense forests. This glacial lake is about 2.5 kilometre long and 90 metres deep. During summers, it’s a lovely experience to go boating at the lake. In winters, it doubles up as one of the world’s most amazing skating rinks. While visiting the lake, you will see an array of colourful wildflowers and may also spot grizzly bears.

Maligne Lake

Surrounded by striking landscapes, Maligne Lake is one of the most pristine sites in Canada. The lake is famous for its pure blue colour and clear water. This marvel of nature is located in the Jasper National Park in Alberta. Surrounded by lush green pines and mighty mountains, this crystal blue lake boasts a stunning landscape. To experience the real charm of the lake, go kayaking to the Spirit Island. It is accessible throughout the year.

Edith Lake

Named after Mount Edith Cavell, one of the highest peaks in the Canadian Rockies, Edith Lake is an alluring blue green lake, located about 10 kilometres from Jasper. Surrounded by many trails and dazzling vistas, this lake is a popular picnic spot in summers. People also come here for camping and go for refreshing dips at open water dive site here. Very popular for trout fishing, this is a good place to spend a weekend full of enjoyment with family.

Peyto Lake

Elegantly located at a height of 1800 metres above the sea level in the Canadian Rockies, the Peyto Lake is a glacier-fed lake. The water of this lake reflects sparkling blue green colours and creates an amazing panorama. The beautiful surrounds add to the soothing appeal. The water of this lake flows from the Peyto glacier and is freezing cool even during the summers. This lake freezes in the winter and so do its surroundings. It’s a magnificent experience to simply sit at the viewing platform and gaze at this astounding natural wonder.

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