Batanes, being the smallest province in the Philippines and with its location in the northernmost part, holds a special place in the geographical and historical significance of the country. But that is not the only reason which makes people from across the globe buy tickets to this beautiful destination. Scenic beauty, rocky beaches, hills, rustic architecture and a rich culture sets it apart from the other places in the Philippines. Here are three beautiful spots you must visit if you plan to visit this natural haven.


Valugan Beach, located at the foot of Mt Iraya, is one of the most pristine places in Batanes. It is not a typical beach with a stretch of white or golden sands; instead, the beach is full of big boulders. The boulders are adesite rocks which have been polished by ceaseless waves and tides over the years. The beach is a lovely place to relax at after a day of sightseeing. However, swimming is not recommended as the waves are wild and thrash against the rocks.


One of the most iconic landmarks in the province is the Basco Lighthouse, situated in the heart of the Naidi Hills. The lighthouse was erected in 2003 at the site where a former lighthouse and the American telegraph facilities were destroyed in a war. Apart from Basco, there are two other lighthouses in the province, namely Sabtang and Mahatao. Naidi is a conjunction of two Ivatan words, where “Na” means past and “Idi” means settlement. You can choose to view the mesmerizing West Philippine Sea from the viewing deck situated on the fifth floor of the light house.


Vayang Rolling Hills is one of those places which bring out the child in you. With lush green landscape, which creates a collage of different shades of green, this place is a perfect spot to visit with your family. While roaming here, you might just start humming “Hills are alive” from Sound of Music. The green pastures make for an enticing grazing place for cows and goats. Carry a camera to click beautiful pictures of the hills against the majestic backdrop of the Basco Lighthouse (Naidi Lighthouse).

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