If you are planning for a long holiday in Mexico City, it is very important to choose a neighbourhood or “colonia” as the natives call it, which fits your bill, offers convenience, and ensures safety. Public transportation in Mexico City is not always a convenient option, so it is important to find a residential neighbourhood close to the places you plan to travel to. For commuting, it’s a good idea to hire vehicles from reputed rental agencies.

Here is our pick of the top three expat-friendly neighbourhoods in the capital city.

La Condesa

La Condesa is a small neighbourhood situated in the southern area of the city centre. Because of its high expatriate population, you may well hear people speak in English, French, and various other languages while walking down the street. The neighbourhood is full of different people from various nationalities living together as a community. La Condesa is a warm neighbourhood, with friendly people and houses many restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs. At night, the whole neighbourhood transforms into a lively place, with youngsters as well as grown-ups going out for dinners, movies, and parties. It is one of the greenest neighbourhoods in the area, with various parks, bike lanes, yoga studios, jogging tracks and pet shops which makes it a comfortable and pleasant place to live.


Situated North of La Condesa, Polanco is considered to be one of the swish neighbourhoods. Being the business centre of the city, it is home to some of the most sought after restaurants, cafes and shopping places. Most of these restaurants, like the accommodation options, are a little expensive, but serve excellent food. Many of the prominent multinational corporations have their offices around this area. Polanco is also popular as a luxury shopping place. Compared to La Condesa, Ploanco is quieter and hence a better option for family crowds.

Santa Fe

Situated in the western part of the city, Santa Fe, like Polanco, is another business district. The newly established neighbourhood has well maintained highway roads, office establishments, university campuses and residential areas. The city’s largest mall is located in the heart of this modern neighbourhood. Although, the rentals are high, it can prove to be more pocket-friendly than Polanco in some ways. Getting public transport may be a hassle here.

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