New Zealand should definitely be a part of every traveller’s bucket list! Located in the south-western part of the Pacific Ocean, this beautiful island country is famous for its Maori origins, unique food, wine, people, natural beauty and many other things.

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New Zealand is one of the hotspots for avid adventurers. This is simply because the country offers many thrilling and recreational outdoor sports such as sky-diving, skiing, black water rafting and scuba-diving. Another popular activity in this region is Bungee Jumping. Here are a few tips for the bungee jumpers.

Find a Credible Operator

Perhaps the most important point! As bungee jumping is a thrilling and highly-risky activity, selecting the apt company for it is quite essential. The company should dedicatedly follow all levels of safety procedures for ensuring the well-being of participants. People interested in bungee jumping can check out the customer feedback for a better experience. For instance, a renowned name is AJ Hackett Bungy. It offers a great bungee jumping experience in Kawarau Bridge Bungy near Queenstown.

Pick the Spot of your Choice

Most people choose the site as per their requirements. For example, The Kawarau Bridge allows people to jump with someone else, somersault off the bridge, jump forward or even topple backwards. However, if the participants wish to perform this activity with an aquatic experience, the Taupo Bungee lets people touch and even get fully immersed in the waters below. It is the highest water-touch bungee site in the country. Nevis is another attractive spot.

An Addictive Activity – Especially in New Zealand

Bungee Jumping has enticed people for decades now. Doing this adrenaline-filled activity – especially in New Zealand – can easily get one hooked. New Zealand offers marvellous sites, including Kawarau Bridge, where bungee jumping started 26 years ago. The views and overall experience here have been appreciated by many other bungee enthusiasts.

Keep Money Aside for Bungee Jumping

A bungee jump in Queensland will cost approximately NZ$180 and NZ$45. This could be slightly expensive for budget travellers. If your budget is tight, start saving for four bungee jumping fund. This will be a wise move, undoubtedly.

Book your Accommodation in Queenstown

Often termed as ‘The Adventure Capital of the World’, Queenstown has three bungee jumping sites. While staying here, people can easily choose a day convenient to them for bungee jumping. Apart Furthermore, one can engage in activities like snowboarding, jet boating and mountain-biking.

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