Nature has always surprised and mystified us with its unparalleled brilliance. Many travellers explore different corners of the world to watch nature create everlasting impressions. Following this genre of travel, we have listed down a handful of marvellous stargazing sites in New Zealand. Tourists planning to visit the destination should definitely add these natural spots to their travel itinerary.

New Zealand Holiday Tours

Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo is situated in the South Island of New Zealand. This destination is well-known for offering a wonderful night-time travel experience. To elaborate, visitors can admire the beauty of the universe, while relaxing near the lake. They get an amazing opportunity to appreciate the dark sky, Southern Lights, stars, planets and star-clusters here. Mount John, located near Lake Tekapo, has an astronomical observatory. Interested people can enrol for stargazing tours.

Stonehenge Aotearoa

Built near Carterton – New Zealand, Stonehenge Aotearoa is similar to England’s Stonehenge. One of the few differences lies in the fact that the former provides a better view of the night sky when compared to the latter. Interestingly, it focuses the travellers’ attention on the stars and constellations that guided the Polynesian navigators across the Pacific in ancient times. Visitors learn about stargazing and how bygone cultures observed the sky to get an in-depth knowledge of the four seasons.

Aoraki Mount Cook

Being the highest mountain in New Zealand, Aoraki Mount Cook is an apt place for sky gazers. People can use high-powered binoculars and state of the art telescopes to watch the attractive sky, Southern Lights, distant planets, stars and galaxies.  Thankfully, the light and air pollution is low in this region, making Aoraki Mount Cook a primary spot for many travellers. Mount Cook Village is one of the few International Dark Sky Reserves (IDSR) of the world. This means the darkness of the night sky from this location is simply unmatchable.


The best time to visit Queenstown is winters. It’s a good season for photo opportunities as the nights are longer and the views are just spectacular. Aurora Australis appears often these days, making night sky photography a magical affair. If people participate in tours like Skyline Stargazing, they get a chance to look through the telescopes and be an audience to an array of stunning sights.


Stargazing at Twizel is truly unique! You will be introduced to the dazzling night sky and its mysteries with the help of an astronomy grade laser pointer. As a result, the participants can understand and learn about different constellations more easily. Every night, the most appealing feature of the sky is also pointed out. Of course, this feature varies from night to night.

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