The world is full of bizarre places. Some of them are truly incredible and have an otherworldly quality or character. This article lists down six such mysterious and fascinating places around the world.

Six Mysterious and Intriguing Places Around the World

Hotel Del Salto, Colombia

This abandoned hotel is located on a steep cliff overlooking the gorgeous Tequendama Falls on the Bogotá River. While the surrounding views are just breathtaking, there is much more to the place. The hotel is said to be haunted. It was built in 1923 as a mansion and has been converted into a museum of biodiversity and culture.

The Door to Hell, Turkmenistan

The Door to Hell is the name given to a huge pit of fire which has been burning since 1971. It is in Turkmenistan and is a key draw for adventure tourists from across the globe. The flames on the cracks at its floor and around the sides are a sight to behold. The crater is situated in a large gas reserve and was first discovered by Russian engineers in the 1970s.

Jatinga, India

This beautiful valley in the Indian state of Assam is blessed with many natural spectacles and a year-round pleasant weather. But there is one more reason that this small village is popular for. Every year between September and November, a number of migratory and local birds fly to their deaths here. The reason for this peculiar phenomenon is yet to be known, but a visit to Jatinga is sure to be an interesting experience.

Nazca Lines, Peru

The Nazca Desert in Southern Peru has a series of lines or drawings that were created thousands of years ago. The lines can be seen from the sky. There are several explanations about these bizarre drawings. One theory goes that the Nazca people draw them to send messages to god in the heavens above.

Isla de las Munecas (Island of the Dolls), Mexico

This dark and creepy island is near the city of Mexico. Legend has it that after a little girl was found dead on the island, the caretaker of the island began to hang dolls on the trees in her remembrance. Weird and bizarre is the fact that the caretaker died by drowning in the canal just like the little girl.

Socotra, Indian Ocean

Socotra is a small island in the Indian Ocean, about 340 km from Yemen, and is known for its alien-looking landscapes and unique flora & fauna. As per a study by a team of UN biologists, Socotra has about 700 endemic species of flora and fauna life found nowhere else in this world. Ambling around the fascinating landscapes of this barren land is a simply breathtaking experience. Deep inside a huge cave on the island lies a treasure of rock art.

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