Whether you wish to enjoy the adventurous dune bashing or you want to admire the night views on a camel ride, the deserts of Dubai and Rajasthan (India) are perfect for you to explore. Book your flights tickets to these destinations for once in a lifetime experience.

Deserts have long been among the best type of holiday spots in the world. The unusual beauty and the unique charm they ooze offer an experience that is unlike anything. A large number of holidaymakers block their flights tickets to different desert destinations, each year for experiencing the thrill of camping, dune bashing, sand skiing, safari, and more. Though there are a number of beautiful desert destinations in the world, some of them are truly impressive. Here are the two desert holiday destinations that no discerning traveller should miss on his visit to Asia.


Dubai has built such a reputation for itself that a large number of people, who book their flights to this Emirate, get overwhelmed by the galaxy of man-made marvels and actually yearn to see how traditional Dubai looks like! Dubai’s desert is one of the best ones to visit in the world and anyone who is keen on safaris should certainly check it out at least once. From exploring the fascinating camel farms to catching a belly dancing show, immersed in rich culture, Dubai deserts are a one of a kind holiday spot. Adventure seekers put the slopes of the desert to test with the activity known as ‘dune bashing’ (dune buggy ride). A large number of local service providers offer dune bashing experience in a customized two-seated buggy that allows enthusiasts to speed up on the natural trails of the dunes.

Majorly, thrill seekers who book tickets on flights to the place choose to hire a 4×4 jeep safari. The journey starts by exploring the sandy plains and dunes in a jeep. Once you have explored the dunes, clicked your selfies and had your adrenaline rush, stop at a camel farm to watch the fascinating local life closely. And finally, when the sun bids adieu, relish an evening barbeque, featuring traditionally marinated meat.

If you are someone who prefers exploring the natural beauty at your own leisure time, opt for camel ride. A camel ride tour to the deserts of Dubai will offer you an exhilarating experience. Whether you choose a morning safari or a night one, a great experience is guaranteed!


If you are a desert fan, you cannot miss this most sought after destination of India. The land of kings, palaces, cultures and fascinating fables, Rajasthan is a place that will permanently reserve a place in your heart in your first visit itself!

A number of travellers who book tickets aboard flights to Rajasthan choose Jodhpur as their starting point to explore the desert of Thar. The great desert of India offers a great deal of cultural and scenic views. The moment you enter the desert, you will be transported to a place where people are simple & peaceful; and where the sands of time have not affected the sands of Rajasthan. You will find the people incredibly hospitable, the villages fascinatingly picturesque, and the sand dunes ever changing.

One of the most popular places to stay in the desert is in the ‘Jhumpa’ cottages, the round thatched cottages sitting in the small semi-desert village of Hacra. If you are deciding to go for a camel ride, choose night as your preferred time. It’s really beautiful at the time.

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