Thailand offers infinite reasons to look for cheap deals for tickets on flights to the country. But what tempts cultural buffs into booking flights tickets to the country is the availability of museums that pack in enough charm to electrify one’s trip.


Top 5 Thailand Museums – Explore the Cultural Side

 Tantalizing Thailand packs in a thousand charms to pleasingly surprise its visitors! But what makes this enthralling nation such a hot favourite with culture vultures is its rich cultural heritage and glorious history! Quite naturally, the amazingly marvellous line up of thought-provoking museums in Thailand impresses even the most discerning souls tempting them to book cheap deals for tickets on flights to gain an overview of Thailand’s history. Let’s take a quick tour of some such famous repositories that would simply make all your money spent on those flight tickets for Thailand worthwhile.

National Museum

It is an extremely popular attraction not only in the city but also in the entire country! Most visitors who book flights tickets for holidays to Thailand are more often than not found exploring the incredible collection of artefacts and exhibits housed here. The place features collection of artefacts and displays pertaining to various periods of Thailand’s history.

Opium Museum

An extraordinary treasure trove of information, OpiumMuseum explains different aspects of the cultivation and business of opium that has prevailed for so long. OpiumMuseum houses everything to keep visitors happy for hours, from interactive displays to interesting exhibits. OpiumMuseum promises everything not only to entertain but also to enrich its visitors who spend on flights tickets to the city and visit this attraction.

Vimanmek Teak Mansion

For most visitors spending on flights tickets to the country, Vimanmek Teak Mansion remains as fascinating an attraction as any other in the world! This L-shaped, three-story mansion in Bangkok houses more than 80 rooms filled to the brim with a considerable collection of early Ratanakosin art objects and antiques. The museum offers an interesting insight into the history and lives of the Thai royal family. On display is plenty of royal memorabilia including photos, portraits, ceremonial clothes and even a horse drawn carriage to delight interested visitors spending on tickets flights arriving in Thailand!

Chaiya National Museum

For many history enthusiasts booking tickets deals on Thailand bound flights, it is one of the must visit attractions in the city. Through an astonishing array of archaeological evidence of the city’s ancient origins and culture, which may date as far back as 500 A.D., it makes for the best place to develop an understanding and appreciation for the Thai cultures. Every visitor booking tickets on flights bound to Thailand should seek out time to visit this magnificent attraction in the city.

Nan National Museum

Featuring a unique collection of exhibits dedicated to the study of art, history, archaeology and ethnology, Nan National Museum is an excellent museum which was established in 1973. This impressive treasure trove not only offers a sneak peek into historically stimulating exhibits but also impresses with its grand architectural genius.

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