Clarens is one of the lesser known destinations in South Africa. Nevertheless it is truly a place that should have a space in your itinerary. For those who are booking flights to South African destinations like Johannesburg, Durban or Bloemfontein, it is a perfect add-on.

Clarens seems like a canvas, beautifully painted with vibrant colours — here, art-buying, game driving and trout fishing are as much of a draw as late-night partying, eating out and sashaying along the scenic views. Sitting not-so-far from major South African destinations, such as Johannesburg, Durban and Bloemfontein, it is a perfect and a favourite weekend destination that pulls many holidaymakers whose flights wing their way to the destinations mentioned above. If you have some time to spare after exploring Johannesburg/Durban/ Bloemfontein, drive to this fascinating place called Clarens!

In the mighty company of Maluti Mountains, it is just the place for you if you are: an artist in search for inspiration; a traveller longing for serenity; or anyone who wishes to spend his holiday at a place that blends exquisite nature, rich art, and never-ending fun.

Holidaymakers Don’t Miss These on their Visit Here

All you need is a little more than a weekend to explore all the major charms that Clarens has to offer. One of the prime highlights of the city is the Titanic Rock. Wait what? Yes. Apparently, Clarens has an interesting history. The town was established in 1912, the same year the Titanic sank. Titanic Rock is situated overlooking the entrance to Clarens; visit to know more. Clarens Museum is another place that has a fascinating collection which might catch the attention of discerning travellers. There is also Clarens Brewery to take care of your alcoholic needs. The town has some really great attraction nearby. Some of the other noteworthy ones are The Ash River, Mushroom Rock, and the Golden Gate National Park.

Activities That Rank High in Popularity

If sightseeing quietly is not your thing, mix it up with a myriad of outdoor leisure pursuits. Hiking is popular in Clarens. There are two trails in the Clarens Valley that offer great hiking experience. The town also allows you to enjoy fly-fishing on farms in the area. Enthusiasts can also play golf and tennis here. Besides these, mountain-biking and horse-riding are also available.

For Taste Buds

Of course, the sightseeing and the activities will not complete the trip. A good treat for the taste buds is needed to add the dash of ‘taste’. Clarens does not disappoint. There are many places where you can eat out. In no particular order, here are few places you should try:

  • Clementine’s
  • Street Caffe
  • Country Lodge
  • Friends Restaurant And Pub

Finding a Roof

There is an option for every pocket, and preference at Clarens. From self catering to B&B, your options are not in a large indefinite numbers but they are not fistful either. Peter Bonney Clarens Studio Lodge, See-View House and Cottage, Birch Cottage, The Clarens Country House and The Crooked Cottage are few of the most noteworthy accommodation options here.

A Tip – Having your own ride here gives you the flexibility to make the most of your trip. Rent a car.

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