History and arts are integral aspects of South Africa, and Durban is the most sought-after destination to explore them. Museums and art galleries in the city are dotted with relics, replicas and artworks, enticing tourists to visit Durban time and again.

Durban is a city where history breathes in every corner and the culture sparks a new zeal to the cosmopolitan lifestyle of South Africa. The cultural vibe of the largest city in the province of KwaZulu-Natal is incomplete without the mention of its rich arts scene and worth-exploring historical streak. The city’s museums and art galleries features an array of collections illustrating a diversified impression of various aspects of South Africa. Here’s a list of museums and galleries in Durban that rank high in the lists of holidaymakers buying tickets on flights to this metropolis.

City Hall

This site in Durban is a treat for art lovers as well as history buffs. The century-old edifice is surrounded by various modern skyscrapers however the stature of this prominent site is not diminished in any manner. Being located in the heart of the city, the City Hall is easily accessible from all corners of Durban and no tickets are required to explore its captivating beauty and extensive arts and historical collections. Holidaymakers, disembarking flights in the city, often plan a day out at City Hall to spend time at Natural Science Museum, Durban Art Gallery and Public Library. The art gallery hosts permanent as well as temporary collections of works created by artists not only from South Africa but from across the globe.

Natural Science Museum

It is situated at the first floor of City Hall and is one of the most eminent museums in South Africa. Nature lovers, especially those fond of wildlife and birds, might need more than one day to explore the entire catalogue at this world-class facility. While taking a look at the collections, visitors get an opportunity to know about the various surprising facts about earth and evolution. Exhibitions here boast skeletons of extinct species such as Tyrannosaurus-Rex dinosaur. Fossils of elephants, leopard and wild dogs and a variety of stuffed birds such as ostriches, penguins and flamingos are also available. Tourists netting tickets aboard flights to visit Durban can visit this museum all through the year.

Artisan Gallery

Art lovers might not be able to justify the money spent on flights, if they miss out on visiting this art gallery in Durban. The house where this gallery is located was built in 1926 and is a perfect place to find unique artworks to decorate your home. Their collection ranges from fine arts to cutlery and from glassware to spectacular jewellery. The gallery offers a space for artists as well as those who appreciate the creativity. Artisan Gallery also hosts several events all through the year.

Mwimbi Fine Art Gallery

This is one of the most recent additions to the list of art galleries in Durban. Since its inception in 2010, Mwimbi has hosted several temporary exhibitions offering a platform to various young artists to flaunt their skills. With regular exhibitions and events, the art gallery is keeping abreast with South African as well as international art scene. Besides arts, the art gallery is also known to host a range of workshops, conferences and contests where participants can win goodies and/or tickets for upcoming events.

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