Dotted with some magnificent trekking sites, Ladakh is known to set global travellers on a mad scramble for tickets on flights arriving in India. Read on to know about the luring trekking routes embracing the best of the region.

One lazes around the sublime bank of Tso Moriri, immersing into the buoyant dawn, smitten by the wild blue yonder and a cold rejuvenating breeze caresses his soul and every sense!! The enlightenment, the fulfilling experience and the sense of sheer freedom – such is the enchantment of this land. The land known as Ladakh! The sheer might of this awe-inspiring place can be revealed with a trekking tour across the area. Have a look at some of the most enchanting trekking routes where adventurers booking flights tickets can experience the empyrean essence of Ladakh, India.

Lamayuru to Darcha Trek
One of the highly revered treks in Ladakh, India, Lamayuru to Darcha Trek provides brilliant connectivity with the scenic wonder known as Zanskar Valley. With red hued monasteries sitting in line, in small yet entrancing villages, the trek offers a glorious opportunity to meet the colourful people of the region. Lamayuru, Phuktal and Lingshet are among the key attractions that truly uplift the spirit of trekkers. The route from Lamayuru to Darcha embraces the charm infusing out of everywhere. There are spectacular terrains filled to brim with picturesque marvels. These are few of the many reasons why avid adventurers from all over the globe invest on tickets on India bound flights and take trekking tours in Ladakh.

Ripchar Valley Trek
Blessed with best of natural splendour and ultimate of magnificence, this is by all odds the most beautiful and intriguing tours in the Ladakh. Turn one corner and you could be in the newfound cliff of Zanskar, turn another and you are either transported to brilliant mountain range of Karakoram or you find yourself drenching in exquisiteness of meandering lakes. Eternal serenity and panoramic vistas literally leave first timers gloating over their decision of exploring this wonderful Ladakh and buying tickets aboard India flights. Ripchar Valley Trek also boasts plenty of small villages sitting amid lush pastures. It is best visited during the months of July and August when the regions comes alive with flowers, providing a feast to the eyes and ample opportunities for bird watching. This trek starts from Lamayuru and stretches to Chilling, a well-known place for producing copper. All in all, the journey has everything what thrill seekers booking tickets on flights look for a gratifying experience in India.

Padum to Darcha Trek
This is a marvellous trek that spans from Darcha region in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh to the region of Padum in Zanskar. The journey across this region is all about mesmerising passes through varied regions flaunting wide-ranging topographies. The trail transverse through Tokpa, Chalang, Ramjak, Lakong and few other enchanting areas. Travellers, who book flights tickets and sojourn the region, enjoy the glorious prerogative of encountering the unparalleled gorgeousness of the mountains and hill tops in addition to taking in the beauty of one of the most revered locations on the map of India, Kargil. With vast areas, ranging from easy to medium trekking, it has emerged one of the strenuous trek spots in Ladakh, India. It takes around twelve days to complete the entire hike from Padum to Darcha.

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