E-ticketing facility may soon be permanently available for tourists seeking to pay a visit to India’s Taj Mahal, a top attraction that beguiles millions from all over the world to grab flights tickets for the ancient country.

Foreigners taking air tickets on flights bound to India for revelling in the incredible splendour of the country’s most popular gem, the Taj Mahal may soon have the convenience of procuring e-tickets for visiting the monument.

Bolstered by a sudden surge in the number of guests visiting the Taj Mahal, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has taken the decision to initiate e-ticketing facility. The trial run is underway, and till the service is completely operational, the authorities will establish extension tickets counters at spots in the National Capital Region and Lucknow (a city in country’s northern state and close to the attraction), offering comfortable alternatives to foreigners on flights bound to India.

Taj Mahal remains the most sought after attraction for most tourists purchasing cheap or premium flights tickets for India travel. In 2011, 340, 000 foreign visitors who booked tickets aboard India flights visited this precious treasure in Agra.

Prior to the Taj, the ASI had started off an e-ticketing trial run for Qutub Minar, a highly popular historical attraction in Delhi that also attracts a good number of foreigners taking India flights. The encouraging success of the Qutub is said to have paved the way for execution of the programme in Agra.

Indian Government reveals that public entry into 116 monuments in the country, which are governed by the ASI, is through tickets. The authorities now want to launch the concept of e-ticketing at all venues in a segmented manner. It will not only be comfortable for locals and foreign tourists on flights to the country but also make it convenient to store visitor data and ensure better accounting.

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