Weather seldom limits people from going ahead with their holiday plans to Canada. But at times it is vital for tourists to aware of the climatic conditions before booking tickets on flights to the nation. Here are some tips to brave Canada’s big chill.

The Great White North, Canada impresses with its mesmeric attractions, mish-mash of colourful cultures and fascinatingly diverse landscape. From the snowy peaks of Red Mountain to pristine beaches of Ontario and from the temperate rainforests of Vancouver to the flamboyant urban centres of British Colombia, Canada has everything to make visitors fall in love with it. But most visitors booking tickets on flights to the country during Canadian winters would agree that shivery winds and sub-zero temperature in Canada could be challenging even for the most resilient of souls. Hence, it is important to get well acquainted to a few important tips related to packing, health, skin protection, etc in order to brave the Big Chill in the Great White North.

Look for what to pack
Visitors planning to invest on tickets aboard Canada bound flights during the colder months must make sure that they pack warm clothes that can easily be layered. It is important to pack in a few sweaters, long pants, woollen jumpers, warm caps, hand gloves and big feather coats to ward off the spine-chilling climate in the country. It is also vital to try layering warmer clothes in order to regulate body temperature. It makes sense to pack in a pair of sunglasses for protection against the deadly winter glare. Visitors should be mindful of dressing properly using layering to keep the body warm when venturing outside in Canada in the colder months.

Choose the right footwear
Flyers booking tickets on flights arriving in the country in the colder months must ensure carrying water boots and ice grippers in order to walk on the hard packed snow and ice that is quite common in the country. However, it is important to remove grippers before walking on smoother surfaces such as stones, tiles and ceramic flooring as grippers turn hazardously slippy if used on ice and snow. One must ensure that the footwear is water repellent or waterproof to keep one’s feet drip-dry.

Get informed and go outdoors
It is important to chalk out a complete trip plan and pay heed to the weather conditions before booking tickets on flights bound for Canada. It also makes sense to carry survival essentials and useful emergency equipments such as communication alerting devices when venturing out in the nation. Also holidaymakers to the country must remain heedful of the special alerts that are issued by Environment Canada to ensure safety for natives and travellers.

Be careful of health
One must seek medical advice and ensure all necessary vaccinations before booking tickets aboard direct/indirect flights for holidays to Canada. Winter travel could bring in health hazards such as common cold and flu. These diseases may add a miserable element to one’s winter holidays to Canada ruining one’s enthusiasm. It is important for travellers booking tickets on flights arriving in Canada to consult a general practitioner and get flu shots or nasal spray flu vaccines. It also makes sense to carry enough stock of prescribed medication, if any, to last the trip.

Protect your skin
The frequent snow and the shivery cold temperature in Canada may take a toll on one’s health. To help protect one’s skin from Canada’s big chill, one must carry moisturisers and use it on the face and body regularly to avoid dryness and flaking of skin. One should also use a petroleum jelly based lip balm to avoid pesky chapped lips from the chilly wind! A small tube of petroleum jelly also goes a long way in treating dry, sore or chapped skin and avoids skins getting dried up!

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