Shopping in Muscat is a rewarding experience and is one of the reasons why hordes of tourists can be seen making beeline for cheap air tickets aboard flights landing in the city. Here is a quick guide for a gratifying retail therapy in this gorgeous capital of Oman.

From wonderful Arabian architecture to soaring modern buildings to charming outdoors – Muscat, the delightful capital of Oman, features more than enough to overwhelm all sorts of travellers! To add to it all, is the interesting shopping rendezvous that promises travellers, buying tickets to fly here, whale of a time. Muscat, with numerous traditional souks stocking an array of Arabian handicrafts, and a host of trendy malls selling virtually all global brands, is a real paradise for shopaholics! Check out more about the exotic retail therapy that this beautiful city in Oman boasts!

What to Buy

Muscat has a rich culture signified through its arts and crafts, making it a great place to buy many rare, interesting items. The city’s old bazaars, commonly called the souks, are a treat for one and all, selling a wonderful range of handicrafts and souvenirs at reasonable price. The hottest selling souvenirs in Muscat are the Khanjar and frankincense, both of which are the indigenous to Oman. Of course, the precious frankincense makes for a great gift and the Omani variety is considered among the best in the world. The Pashmina wools such as shawls, sweaters and socks are also very popular, and so are the folk arts and craft such as kelims, wall paintings and pottery. The distinct Arabic influence is apparent on the gold and silver jewellery sold at numerous shops in the city’s gold souk. Intricately carved, with and without pearls or precious stones, the Omani jewelleries always leave the buyers enthralled with their uniqueness and lambency.

Modern shoppers who have spent on tickets aboard flights landing in Oman are not left disappointed either. The city has plenty of malls where they can buy branded clothes, contemporary apparels and trendy footwear.

Where to Shop

For international fashion brands and accessories, head to the Qurum City Centre, one of the largest shopping malls in Muscat. Here, you can pick up a variety of branded clothes, handbags, shoes, watches and beauty products. Many dining and entertainment avenues inside the mall also ensure the visitors a wonderful time as well as the maximum bang for their money spent on flights’ tickets, shopping and other deals. Capital Commercial Centre, Muscat Grand Mall and the Al Khamis Plaza are some other places worth visiting by those who seeking extravagant shopping. Those looking for a bargain should head to the Muscat’s traditional souks selling an interesting range of antiques, handcrafts and souvenirs. Be it the historical Muttrah Souk, buzzing Silk Road or the glittering Gold Souk, these ancient markets are true delights to be at. Apart from the gratifying retail therapy, these ancient marketplaces convey interesting Omani culture and allure many culture-buffs to buy tickets aboard Muscat bound flights.

Some Valuable Tips

  • Shopping in Muscat is a great way to burn calories, as you have to walk around the markets, looking for the goods and wrangling for discounts. So make sure you wear comfy clothes and carry a water bottle when heading for the shopping spree.
  • You may be in the land of souks and bartering traders, but it doesn’t mean haggling is rule of thumb at every place. Most malls and a number of stores in the city follow ‘fixed price’ policy.
  • People looking for expensive souvenirs and gold items are advised to shop at authentic stores only. One may find wonderful discounts elsewhere, but it could be risky as goods can be defective.
  • Keep a smile on the face while bargaining, and don’t argue.

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