Educational tourism is big in India with many foreigners bagging airline tickets to fly to the destination to broaden their horizons. Info on visa, courses and other vital tips are likely to make students ready for the journey.


India is a land of knowledge and learning. With remarkably cheap universities, innovative instructive and vocational courses and increasing job opportunities, India has managed to gradually emerge a favourable destination among UK students looking for higher studies. The place also offers the opportunity to study first-hand the workings of one of the largest economies in the world. India encourages scholars to jump aboard flights and become a part of the country’s educational diorama. Following information, advice and tips are sure to educate youngsters planning to tour India for learning purpose.

Important Points to Remember

• Britons planning to pursue regular studies at recognized institutions in India must get themselves a proper student visa. This is a multiple entry visa that is valid for 5 years or for the duration of the course, whichever is earlier. Those looking to net air tickets on flights and fly to India for the purpose must note that the validity of the visa starts from the date of issue by the High Commission of India.

• The Indian High Commission has recently revised the visa fee for all UK nationals. One must be make sure that applications submitted should be as per the revised fee.

• Foreign students holding Student Visa of more than 180 days must register themselves with the local FRRO/FRO within 14 days of arrival.

• While there are no restrictions on the number of courses that an overseas student can pursue, the overall band of the Student Visa regime cannot go over more than 5 years.

• Visa can be extended on the ground of clearing supplementary, on condition that the relevant institute permits and appropriate proof to this effect are furnished to the local FRRO/FRO.

• One must keep in mind that those on student visas are not allowed to undertake any jobs.

• Visitors who wish to find more details regarding the information on student visa can log onto

Institutes & Courses

India has a number of globally-renowned universities and colleges that offer a host of courses and programmes to those who wish to learn. Not surprisingly, educational tourism has blossomed in the country, encouraging people to book tickets and board flights!

Ayurveda, Hindi Language, Engineering and Technical Education, Medical Education, Agricultural/Veterinary Teaching, Hotel Management, and Tourism and Management studies are some of the programmes popular among the foreign students in India.

English as the Medium of Instruction

The fact that English is widely spoken in the country further makes it convenient for scholars from UK to get hold of tickets and grab flights for an educational excursion of the ancient nation.


Indian institutions are very cheap and this can be the single biggest reason for such massive interest in India as an educational hub. Course fee is exceptionally low, especially the ones offered by government institutions. Indeed, cost-effectiveness remains the most powerful pillar of educational tourism in India. Those booking air tickets on flights to fly to India from countries like UK will definitely find the tuition fee and charges highly pocket-friendly as compared to the establishments in their own country.

India is renowned in the world as a hub of cultures and traditions. Enrichment in India is not just restricted to books and classrooms, there is a lot be learnt and absorbed everywhere. For foreigners, air tickets on flights for a visit to India bring forth an opportunity to unravel a landscape that’s drenched deep in the rich legacy and traditions. The country offers a wide canvass for people to learn. The country’s geological diversity allows one to study various forms of geographical features. India’s wildlife is impressive as well and lets the interested patrons educate themselves on various aspects of it. From history to theology, India offers hands-on experience on all aspect of learning.

Money Saving Tips

It is important to be aware of few important tips and suggestions in order to save money on the Indian travel. Money saving can be a big concern for foreign students boarding flights that are scheduled to terminate in Indian cities like Delhi or Mumbai.

• A number of airlines offer tickets on flights to the Asian nation. Make sure to research well and find tickets deal that suit your pockets.

• It is not a bad idea to look for a tour operator who specialises in student travel to India. They normally have the experience and expertise to cater to the demand of young travellers.

• There is no dearth of cheap accommodation options in key Indian cities. One may affordable hostels, dormitories and self-service apartments at various pockets of cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Pune.

• Foreigners can speak to their Indian classmates in order to find out about quality as well pocket-friendly eateries, which can again save them some money.

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