Many of India’s magnificent gems can be found by taking the paths less travelled. This article discusses a few such excursions, which leave avid explorers delighting over their decision of buying tickets aboard flights for India holidays.


Looking for a vacation up and beyond the usual? Yearning to do something different, exciting and never-seen? Here are some truly unique and exhilarating excursions waiting for you in India. From finding inner peace by kayaking through Kerala’s untouched backwaters to discovering how convicts were treated in Andaman’s mysterious Cellular Jail, these short, yet exciting expeditions will certainly give you goose bumps and the maximum return for your money invested on flights, accommodation and holiday deals for India.

Nature Trailing in Goa

People flock to Goa to make merry on its beaches, party like mad or do absolutely nothing! But the ‘Pearl of Orient’ has much more to offer, when it comes to the nature and adventure. Set out on a nature trail in South Goa and discover the raw beauty of this tiniest state of India! Kayaking will allow you to know the unique natural eco-system of Goa in the unspoiled mangroves, mini bays and backwaters. A visit to the popular Cotiago Wildlife Sanctuary is your chance to come across creatures as diverse as mouse deer, white-bellied woodpeckers and flying squirrel. Not too far away from the sanctuary is the famous Doodhsagar Fall, beauty of which draws innumerable naturists buying tickets aboard flights for a Goa sojourn.

Trekking on the Frozen Zanskar River

Wrapped in snow, this mother of all trekking trails in India allures dauntless people with a thrill that can send shiver down their spine. Walking on the frozen river, you will get to hear exhilarating stories of many failed trekkers. But be brave and move up; you will end up collecting memories worth sharing back home. Under the shadow of snow-clad Zanskar Mountains, this place boasts a serene beauty that need to be seen to be believed. Many international trekkers board flights for India and opt for this excursion in peak winter season. However, they certainly need a professional guidance and a great climbing ability to mark the feat.

Unearthing Kerala’s Virgin stretch of Backwaters

Bored of crowded spots and usual holiday activities? Buy flight tickets to India’s southern state, Kerala to explore some of its remotest waterways! While serenity and solace is omnipresent, you never know when an incredible natural panorama or a rarest water creature comes your way. Sleepy villages hidden amid palm trees and sudden chirping of birds and cries of langoors will be the only things that make you feel connected with the world!

Malana – The Little Greece of India  

A small hilly village in the Himalayas, Malana remains among the top of the must-visit off-beat destinations in India, and this is not without a reason. Apart from the untouched mountainous beauty, what tempts many tourists to secure travel tickets and visit this unique village in Himachal Pradesh is the charas grown in the region. Known as Malana Cream, it is believed to be among the finest charas on the earth. Besides, Malana people don’t make any contact with outsiders; even touching their homes or things is strictly prohibited. Actually, they believe themselves to be the descendents of Alexander – the Great and follow their own indigenous rules and customs.

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