What makes the Caribbean a coveted holiday destination is its intriguing fusion of history, nature and culture. This article discusses a few prominent reasons why tickets aboard flights arriving at the Caribbean isles sell like hot cakes.


Strolling along the spectacular shoreline, island hopping, exploring enchanting underwater world, sampling the curious mix of Caribbean culinary or enjoying sessions at superlative spas – reasons to buy travel tickets and visiting the Caribbean are many and magnetic! Boasting some of the most fascinating natural displays, salubrious weather all-year round and an amazing festive vibe, the Caribbean is, no doubt, a haven for holidaymakers. No matter which corner of the archipelago you choose to explore, a vacation here promises you memories of a lifetime and the maximum bang for your investment on flights tickets, accommodation and other holiday essentials. Here are some great reasons to visit the Caribbean, time and again!

The Gorgeous Beaches

Soul-warming sun, crystal clear waters, and white and even pink sand – the beautiful Caribbean beaches have been the obvious pulls for holidaymakers buying tickets aboard flights landing in the region. Be it a romantic sojourn, a fun-filled family vacation or an action-packed escapade, these beaches offer something for all sorts of holidays. With a number of options to choose from, selecting the best beach is a tricky job. Some great beaches for you to pick from include Palm Beach in Aruba, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, Horseshoe Bay in Barmuda and Seven Mile in Jamaica.

Enthralling Underwater Life

Set in the mighty Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean brims with a diverse and spectacular marine life including rays, coral, turtles, battle nose dolphins, colourful fish and more. Unsurprisingly, diving is one of top choices for nature-lovers who make beeline for seats on flights to the area. There are plenty of places where diving equipment, along with the professional guidance, are offered. Some most coveted ones include Widowmaker’s Cave in Jamaica, Grand Bahama in Bahamas and Grand Cayman in the Cayman Island. The warm and crystal-clear waters at these destinations make the adventure easy and pleasurable.

The Kaleidoscopic Festivals

Owing to the archipelago’s rich cultural diversity and deep rooted history, festivals have been an integral part of the Caribbean life. Celebrated with amazing vibrancy and vigour, many of these fests tempt scores of tourists to grab cheap deals on accommodation, flights and holiday packages for the destination. Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is a much-talked about Caribbean fest featuring unrestrained revelry with various live performances, street parades and cultural programmes. Jamaica Reggae Sumfest is another spectacular carnival of the Caribbean. Celebrated in mid-July in Montego Bay, the event attracts young crowds from far and wide as well as the presence of many globally acclaimed artists. Tickets for the concerts can be booked online.

Interesting Colonial History

If you’re a history-lover, it might be a regaling affair to dig into the interesting colonial history of the archipelago. Head to Barbados and see some of the most glorious historical and archaeological sites of the Caribbean! The island country features many Jacobean and Georgian buildings, built from pink and white coral, age-old Gothic churches and splendid pirate castles that allure hordes of history-buffs to buy tickets aboard flights landing in Barbados.  Antigua’s historical district also leaves one enthralled with historical and cultural wealth. People who arrive here will be mesmerised by the historical significance of the famous English Harbour, the world’s only Georgian dockyard and the colonial observation post ‘Shirley Heights’.

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