Breathtaking views of the underwater life, amazing visibility of the crystal clear azure waters and countless other charms make Mauritius one of the most sought after destination for diving. People who are booking tickets on flights to Mauritius have a great option to explore it all.

Mauritius is a postcard-perfect destination for any kind of holiday. Those who are reserving tickets on flights to the island nation and have an interest in diving, Mauritius is surely going to be a treat. Stunning coral reefs, breathtaking views and crystal clear visibility of the amazing underwater life make this place a paradise for snorkelling and scuba diving. Whether you are a novice looking for some underwater fun or an experienced diver planning to add more to your repertoire, the diving sites of Mauritius are guaranteed to offer what you seek. There are many wonderful diving sites in Mauritius and among them are few which must not be missed after you have spent on flights, tickets, hotels, etc. Here is a quick peek into few of the best diving sites in this paradise.

La Cathédrale
Situated off the Flic en Flac, a western part of the island, the Cathédrale is a hot ticket among those who book tickets aboard flights to this island nation. Start the dive at 18 metres and explore it deep down till around 29 metres, the views are simply spectacular. Angelfish, Sweetlip, Gropers, Clownfish, Wrasse and many other species of fish inhabit the place and can easily be seen here. The name ‘Cathedral’ came from large cathedral-like cavern that you will find as you dive down. As the sunlight pierces through the turquoise blue, this site looks breathtaking.

Blue Bay Marine Park
The Blue Bay Marine Park is a perfect venue for snorkelling as the approximate depth of this site is about 8 metres, making it an ideal place for even novice enthusiasts who have booked tickets to the flights arriving in Mauritius mainly to explore the underwater life and are keen on diving in the lagoons. Coral reefs of this location are strikingly colourful and offer a spectacular view to its visitors. Pipefish, butterflyfish, damselfish and trumpet can be spotted here while you are lost in the views of the jaw dropping view of the life under blue. There is a wide variety of flora and fauna that add charm to this place. Take your own time to discover them.

Stella Maru Wreck
Home to the Japanese trawler that was sunk in 1987, Stella Maru is a great wreck dive that offers a great experience to the divers who block tickets on flights headed for the island. Located on the North West Coast at Trou aux Biches, this diving site has a stunning surrounding of vibrant coral reefs and exotic fish. Schooling fish, huge morays eels, lion fish and many other species of fish give this site an added charm. Those, who have a passion for photography, can capture some of the best clicks here as the site is brimmed with breathtaking views.

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