Attractions in Honolulu

Honolulu, Hawaii’s largest as well as the capital city is also considered to be the main entry-point for most of visitors to Hawaii. The famous island destination can be accessed by direct flights from Asia, North America and various other parts of the world. Honolulu is especially popular amongst people who want to take some time off from the bustle of city life or to celebrate a specific occasion such as a honeymoon. Here is our pick of the 3 most offbeat activities to do in Honolulu.

Hanauma Bay

Situated on the easternmost part of Honolulu, Hanauma Bay was created by a volcano crater which had collapsed. It is a popular destination for snorkelling, as the calm waters make an ideal habitat for the marine life. The bay is also a marine sanctuary and a nature reserve. It offers a brilliant opportunity to experience and know about the marine flora and fauna. If you are interested in snorkelling, Hanauma Bay, in Honolulu is the place for you. There are many other amenities on the beach, such as a volleyball court, picnic areas, restrooms and showers, etc.

Manoa Falls

The hike to the mesmerising Manoa falls, itself is an exciting experience. The trekking, on the trail takes less than a kilometre and you will walk through a lush and dense forest to reach the destination, which adds to the sense of adventure. At the end of the trail lies the amazing waterfall. The Manoa Falls is an ideal place to unwind and stretch your legs. Although the falls look intriguing and calm, there is a rope at the pool to grab onto so that one may not slip on the rocks. In spite of the warning, many people can’t resist the temptation to take a quick swim in the pool. The parking has an entry fee but if you don’t want to pay for the parking tickets, you can park a bit further down the street for free.

Honolulu Fish Auction

The Honolulu Fish Auction is one of the most interesting things to see in Honolulu for free. In fact, it is the first and only tuna auction in the US. In order to catch the auction you need to go early in the morning from 6 AM to 8 AM. Once you get there you will be able to see rows of stacked fish and energetic auctioning in progress. If you are a fish lover, in a few minutes, you will crave some fresh sashimi. Even if you don’t like fish, witnessing the Honolulu fish auction is quite an exciting experience. The auction also reflects the authentic native culture and traditions of the people here.

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