With an intriguing conflux of nature, history and modernistic floridity, Sri Lanka tempts a huge number of travellers to buy tickets aboard flights for holidays in South Asia. This article sheds light on the best of Sri Lankan experiences.

A jewel in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka seems to be a tale of two different nations. While the multicultural metropolises like Candy and Colombo flaunt contemporary flamboyance with their glitzy hotel zones, trendy seafood bistros and unabashed party scene, there are several historical districts like Anuradhapura and Arugam Bay that feature well-preserved ruins, temples and monuments instancing the country’s rich cultural heritage. The beautiful beaches, untamed jungles and exotically green hills add to Sri Lanka’s timeless appeal that sets hordes of holidaymakers on the pursuit of cheap flights and holiday deals. Here are some must-try experiences in this South Asian country:

Unravel the Mystical Past of Anuradhapura    

For history-buffs, Sri Lanka is a land of the many intriguing secrets waiting to be excavated at various ancient cities like Anuradhapura. Once ruled by the Chola Dynasty, Anuradhapura is famous for its well-preserved ruins, monasteries and temples that give visitors a peep into the ancient culture and tradition followed in the ancient Sri Lanka civilization. Some must-visit attractions at this UNESCO World Heritage Site include the Ruwanweli Saya Stupa, Abhayagiri Dagaba, Jai Shri Mahabodhi and Thuparamaya.

Pigeon Island National Park: A Beauty to Behold

Laze on powdery white sands lapped by turquoise blue waters and backed by big boulders and lush thickets; enjoy serenity and solace at glittering coral gardens; or snorkel to explore shoaled reefs – Pigeon Island brims with possibilities, both for nature-lovers and adventure-seekers boarding flights for Sri Lanka holidays. Entry tickets for the park can be bought at the beach in front of Anilana hotel.

Canoeing on the Kalu Ganga

Canoeing is the ideal way to absorb the magnificent jungle scenery along the Kalu Ganga and should definitely be on the list of things to do in Sri Lanka. Choose between a half day and a full-day tour, depending on how much time you have! The exotic range of vegetations and changing landscapes make the excursion mesmerising and well-worth the cost of flights’ tickets and holiday packages. Overnight camping gives visitors an opportunity to connect with nature and see a variety of bird species that abound the area.

Charismatic Colombo

The cosmopolitan face of Sri Lanka, Colombo boasts an array of interesting sights, numerous five-star hotels, lush parks and wonderful opportunities of shopping as well as dining that keep holidaymakers pouring in the city. Admire the colonial architecture in its historic quarters, chill out at Galle Face Promenade or shop to your heart’s content in the street bazaar at Pettah – there is a lot enough to cater to all sorts of vacationers. For a relaxing and rejuvenating excursion, make your way to the southern beaches!

Uda Walawe National Park

From steaming jungle to gushing streams and the cloud-capped hills of the Kalthota Range, Uda Walawe’s natural wonders are innumerable and irresistible. It also shelters a wide range of flora and fauna that attract hordes of wildlife-lovers to board flights to sojourn this part of Sri Lanka. Apart from the herds of elephants, people taking safaris in the park can spot wild buffalos, leopards, sambar deer, mongooses and jackals. Safaris here are enjoyed in 4WDs, with last tickets for the day being usually sold at 5pm.

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