Cairo is a dream destination for history enthusiasts. Apart from the world famous Pyramids of Giza and the iconic Sphinx, the Egyptian capital is home to many museums that preserve wonderful treasures from the country’s eventful past. Built on varied themes, here are some must visit museums in Cairo.

Historical Tour to Cairo

The Egyptian Museum

One of the greatest museums in the world, the Egyptian Museum has a staggering collection of Pharaonic antiquities. You cannot help but be awed by the sheer majesty of the exhibits here. Key highlights include two gold-plated statutes and a death mask and sarcophagi of king Tutankhamun, the successor of Amenophis IV. An impressive collection of Egyptian jewellery and the Royal Mummies Collection are also worth exploring. The Museum was built in 1902 and is located near the Central Square of Downtown Cairo.

Coptic Museum

The museum is acclaimed for housing the world’s largest collection of Egyptian Christian artefacts. It is a great place to learn about the history of Christianity in Egypt. As many as 15,000 objects are displayed in different forms like stonework, woodwork, textiles and manuscripts. The Nag Hammadi Library in the museum features a collection of around 1,200 Nag Hammadi manuscripts. The library, however, is only open to specialist researchers.

Museum of Islamic Art

Visit here for an intriguing insight into Islamic art. With an extensive collection of artefacts, woodwork, and historical objects from all over the Islamic world, this museum draws history enthusiasts from far and wide. The two-storey building also has a captivating Islamic architectural design and a rich décor. Around 25 galleries showcase 2,500 artefacts.

Gezira Centre for Modern Art

Gezira Centre for Modern Art is located on Qasr el-Nil Street west of downtown Cairo and is a big hit with admirers of modern and contemporary art. Here, you can see over 10,000 paintings and sculptures created by renowned Egyptian artists including Ibrahim Mohammed Khalil, Ragheb Ayad, Mohammed Naghi, and Gazbia Sirry. The museum’s interior is also impressive.

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