The Nile, the world’s longest river, covers a diverse landscape across nine countries in Africa. It is also the chief source of water for many of the surrounding areas. Many of these places are in the desert and probably would not have been habitable without the Nile. There are many ancient sites and attractions near the shores of the Nile, which date back to over a thousand years. Here are 6 sites to make your holiday an adventurous and exciting one.


If you are planning to go for a cruise on the Nile, the ruins of Luxor should be your first stop. Most of the ancient artefacts of Egypt are to be found around Luxor. The chief highlight of the ruins of Luxor is the Karnack Temple, which has beautiful statues, obelisks, sphinxes and a large hall with 134 columns. On the west bank of the Nile you will find the Valley of Kings and Queens, where the famous tomb of Tutankhamen was found. For sweeping aerial views, go on a hot air balloon ride over Luxor.

Gebel Silsila

Gebel Silsila, located about 64 kilometres north of Aswan, is a rocky gorge. It is one of the most popular sites by the Nile and attracts both history buffs and nature lovers as the spot has historical as well as natural splendour. The temples of Merenptah and the Ramses II here are directly cut out of sandstones and remain a very hot draw.

Philae Island

The Temple of Philae, located on the island of Philae of Aswan, is one of the most magnificent sites by the Nile. If you love nature, make sure that you take a boat ride to the island and feast your eyes on the mesmerising sunset there.


Edfu, a city situated between Esna and Aswan, lies on the Western Bank of the River Nile. Edfu boasts some of the most striking ancient sites along the Nile. Notable ones include the Edfu Pyramid Ruins, Temple of Horus, Kanais Ruins and the Edfu monument. If possible, catch the light and sound show at the Temple of Horus at night (famed as one of the most popular light shows in Egypt).


A perfect place to sit back and relax after hours of cruising and sightseeing; Aswan is referred to as the prettiest town in Egypt. There are several attractions in the area including the Abu Simbel Temple, Aga Khan’s mausoleum, Elephantine Island and the monastery of San Simeon.

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