Spending some time amidst the blissful serenity and beautiful views has its own charm. Beach lovers who are booking tickets on flights to the USA and are looking for some secluded places to hang out, the country offers them a myriad of options to choose from.


USA has many beautiful beaches, but not all of them offer serene atmosphere. For those who would like to explore some of the most secluded beaches of the country, here are just four to get them started.

Wildcat Beach, California

Stretched across about four kilometres, Wildcat Beach in the southern end of the National Seashore is one of the most secluded beaches in the USA. Those who wish to access the beach at Wildcat Campground will need to hike nearly nine kilometres. When it comes to navigation, the beach is quite challenging. Travellers who are booking tickets on flights to California in search of a secluded stay at one of its beaches, it cannot get better that this one. The views are quite great and not to mention, the serenity is blissful. The quickest route to Wildcat Campground is along the Coast Trail from the Palomarin trailhead in the southern part of Point Reyes. Cycling lovers can ride their bicycles 10.7 kilometres (6.7 miles) from Five Brooks along the Stewart Trail to get to Wildcat Campground.

Dry Tortugas, Florida

Not one beach but a cluster of seven islands, Dry Tortugas have beaches that are excellent for anyone who is booking flights tickets to Florida for a beach holiday. Situated about 70 miles west of Key West, the beaches feature breathtaking views and great underwater life. There is also a great option of bird watching for the visitors. Azure waters, swaying palm trees and soft sands – these gorgeous beaches are everything a serene and unspoiled beach should be. Though it is secluded, a number of holidaymakers book tickets aboard flights to Florida for exploring these beaches. It is possible that you might not be the only one chilling there when you reach. It is important to know that the beaches are accessible only via boats.

Ho‘okipa, Hawaii

Arguably the best windsurfing destination in the world, Ho’okipa Beach is a must visit beach in Maui. Windsurfing lovers who are planning to book their flights’ tickets to Hawaii should definitely pay a visit to this beach. A number of professional windsurfing competitions are held here. As the surfs get quite strong, windsurfing at this beach is difficult and it is highly advised not to try surfing unless you are an expert. The beach boasts nearly two mile coral reef that makes it great for exploring the marine life. Ho’okipa beach is also known for its gorgeous views and serene atmosphere. Visitors will have the facilities like ADA accessibility, telephones, drinking water, restrooms, parking lots, picnic areas and more.

Carova Beach, North Carolina

Whether you are a family traveller or someone who is booking tickets to North Carolina to get away from the usual hustle and bustle, Carova Beach is just the place. Considered to be the Outer Banks’ last frontier, Carova Beach is popular for its serene ambience. Stretched across miles, the beautiful white beach offers privacy and tranquillity to all its visitors. The reason for Carova’s seclusion is the road. There are no paved roads that lead to this place. Perhaps that makes it unique and interesting in its own way. Carova Beach is ideal for those who wish to enjoy the peace and quiet, away from the continuous buzz of hawkers or any other disturbance that most popular beaches have.

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