UAE is one of the most fascinating places replete with various marvellous attractions. However, it is the thrilling driving routes of UAE stuffed with scenic beauty that remain popular among fun-seekers netting tickets aboard flights arriving here.


Millions grab flights’ tickets to the UAE every year and the country surely seems to keep churning out more and more to keep people riveted. While the traditional charms of the region are well documented, there are certain distinct aspects of holidays in the UAE that are still obscure, but certainly no less entertaining. Road trips are a common phenomenon in the western part of the world, but the concept is gaining ground even in UAE. Travellers, who wish to unravel the rustic and authentic beauty of the deserted realms, must surely undertake a road trip in the area. Here is a look at top road trips through the UAE that offers a charismatic illustration of country’s limitless treasures.

Big Red Sand Dunes

Dune-bashing is an incredible activity of the UAE that sets global adventure junkies on a mad quest to grab tickets aboard tickets for the nation. A perfect place to experience its real thrill is Big Red Sand Dunes. Located approximately two and a half hours drive away from Abu Dhabi, the sand dunes here promise an unmatched shot of adrenaline with a thrilling safari into the desert. Holidaymakers wishing to participate in this exciting activity need to head along to Dubai and then take the Oman Road (E66) or the Dubai-Hatta Road (E44).

En route travellers will see plenty of 4×4 drivers pulling into the roads very fast to hit the dunes. Moreover, dune-bashing through the impressive vistas of the region is sure to give everyone chills down the veins as the sophisticated cars leap over steep ridges. Lucky ones may even get an opportunity to admire the beautiful sunset.

Khasab, Oman

An entirely different region, culture and scenery await travellers almost five hours’ drive from Abu Dhabi. An absolute treat for nature lovers disembarking UAE bound flights; Khasab exhibits an amazing hospitality of old style Arabia. Popularly known as ‘The Norway of Arabia’ owing to its spectacular fjords, the region is crammed full of secluded beaches, picturesque landscapes and peaceful villages, and thus acts as a perfect escape from the maddening crowd of the close-by cities. Heading from Dubai, travellers may take Sheikh Zayed Road north passing through the city and extending all the way to Ras Al Khaimah.

The route is simply spectacular, filled with towering cliffs, sheer drops and some remarkable views of the popular Arabian Gulf on the left side. Travellers must make sure to visit Bukha Fort which is quite renowned for the fantastic mountain views. Keen vacationers may even try their hands in snorkelling or hit crystal clear waters of Khasab to spot the dolphins and whale sharks.

Al Ain

A winding road trip to Al Ain is an absolute best road trip in the world that often leave thrill seekers gloating over their decision to catch flights scheduled for the UAE. This scenic route passes along some of the most popular attractions of the region including Dubai Outlet Mall, camel market, Lisali fort and much more. The first stopover en route is Al Ain Zoo and Wildlife Park which is certainly the best in the country and home to a variety of species of animals including rhinos, giraffes and white tigers. Entry tickets for the zoo can be purchased online or directly at the counter. History and culture lovers may further head towards Al Jahili Fort which exhibits the regions impressive rich past. Something that catches the fancy of one and all heading on this route is Jebel Hafeet, the third tallest mountain in the UAE situated approximately 1,240m above sea level.

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